2022 Graduate Stories

Architecture Program Prepares Student Leader for Job as Architectural Designer

By Melanie Thibeault
A headshot of Grayson Scanlon

Grayson Scanlon ’22, an Architecture major and Computer Science minor, will work as a Junior Architectural Designer and Drafter at A4 Architecture in Newport, R.I.  

Summer Program Solidifies Interest: “Roger was the only school I applied to. I did a summer Architecture program here in high school. What stood out before I came here: there is an extreme level of personalness between student and professor. They do a great job setting all Architecture students up for whatever career path they want to pursue. They teach you to understand how design works and how spaces influence people.”  

Internship Offers Industry Experience: “Over this past winter, I interned at MON Architects in New Jersey. It was really awesome. At the time, it was just one architect working in his house. I learned everything. He had me dropping off plans that I did. It was so enlightening.” 

Interdisciplinary Studies: I’ve always had an interest in Computer Science. It was the perfect way to balance out my academic career. Architecture is so subjective, whereas in computer science, there’s always a right answer. I’m trying to squeeze my way into being on the software side of an architecture firm.”  

Scanlon is from Jefferson Township, N.J. At RWU, he has held leadership positions with the Sexuality and Gender Alliance organization and worked with the University’s event operations. 

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2022 Graduate Stories