Third Party Policy


Please be advised of the following information regarding registration and policy for third party students!

Tuition assistance paperwork validating tuition reimbursement eligibility is to be submitted to the Bursar's office prior to the beginning of the semester for which the student is registering. The bookstore will be notified prior to the commencement of the semester of those students who are employed by a company that is obligated to pay for book expenses.

No more than one semester of outstanding charges should exist on a student’s tuition account. Anything more than one semester of charges past due on ANY student account negates his/her eligibility to register for upcoming semesters.


A student who receives an incomplete grade is allowed ONE traditional semester to academically complete the work for the grade and ONE traditional semester to defer payment on the applicable course.

The summer is not considered a traditional semester, therefore an incomplete grade received in the spring semester is allowed to be made up no later than the close of the fall semester in the same calendar year.

An academic standards petition may be filed with your advisor to extend the time allowed to complete the coursework, however payment or payment arrangements need to be addressed by the close of the subsequent semester after the incomplete has been received.

Scenario #1: Student receives an Incomplete for Fall.

Payment is due by the end of the next Spring semester.

  • Academic work for the change of grade needs to be done by the end of the Spring semester.

Scenario #2: Student receives an Incomplete for the Spring semester.

Payment is due by the end of the next Fall semester.

  • An academic standards petition has been approved to extend the time period allowed to complete the academic work until the following Spring semester ( a year later) However, payment is not extended an additional semester. Payment or payment arrangements are to be addressed by the end of the following Fall semester!