Student Withdrawal Refund Policy

RWU tuition, fees and other related charges are approved by the RWU Board of Trustees annually. RWU faculty and staff have designed and adapted many aspects of the traditional campus experiences and classroom instruction for our students, all of which factor into our cost and pricing decisions for the university and its program inclusive of School of Law and University College programs. RWU continues to make significant investments in technology, training, and safety and health resources, which have been made available to ensure the continued quality educational experience for our students, whether in person or remotely accessed. Consistent with our past policies, tuition and mandatory fees will not be adjusted based on the instructional method and/or mode of academic delivery or any other changes or disruptions that may occur during the academic year such as adjustments to instructional content, schedules or the duration of the semester, inability to access Roger Williams University-maintained facilities, or cancellation of activities, events, services or programs. Tuition and mandatory fees will not be refunded in whole or in part for any reason, except as expressly provided for under the refund policy. By paying the tuition and mandatory fees, the student and anyone paying tuition on their behalf acknowledges and accepts these terms.

Withdrawal/Refund Policy
Fall and Spring Semesters
Before the first day of class:100% of tuition, room, board and fees; forfeit deposits
Within the first week:100% of tuition, prorate room & board; forfeit deposits
Within the second week:80% of tuition, room & board
Within the third week:60% of tuition, room & board; fees non-refundable
Within the fourth week:40% of tuition, room & board; fees non-refundable
After the fourth week:No refund
Room & Board Exceptions
Room & board refunds are calculated using the move-out date and not the withdrawal date
All students in RWU housing are assessed an additional $350 housing cancellation fee
Winter Intersession and Summer Sessions
Prior to first class meeting:100% of tuition and fees
Prior to second class meeting:50% of tuition; fees non-refundable
Prior to third class meeting:25% of tuition; fees non-refundable
After third class meeting:No refund

Any outstanding balance on a student's account is deducted from the tuition credit. All fees are for a full semester and are not refundable once class has started. Students who are suspended or expelled from the University during the academic year are responsible for all charges related to the semester in which the suspension or expulsion occurred. Any credits that result in a refund to the student's account, as authorized by the Office of the Bursar, will require approximately three weeks for processing.