Faculty Scholarship - Q

Quezada-Grant, Autumn

Quezada-Grant, Autumn, and Kerri Warren. “Designing the Curriculum for Global Service Learning Abroad: Power and Health in El Salvador." Passport to Change: Designing Academically Sound, Culturally Relevant Short Term Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs, edited by Susan Lee Pasquarelli et al., Stylus Publishing, 2017. (Available in RWU Authors Collection)

Donabed, Sargon and Autumn Quezada-Grant, editors. Decentering Discussion on Religion and State: Emerging Narratives, Challenging Perspectives. Lexington Press, 2015. (Available in RWU Authors Collection)

Quezada-Grant, A. “Guest editor's introduction.” Ethnohistory, (60:2) Winter 2013:191-193.

Quezada-Grant, A. “Indians, Ladinos and the Resurrection of the Protector de Indios, San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas 1870-1885.” Ethnohistory, (60:2) Winter 2013: 295-318. (Full text available at RWU Digital Commons)

Quezada-Grant, A. (2012). Death, Disease and Disregard. A Review of Heather McCrea's Diseased Relations: Epidemics, Public Health, and State-Building in Yucatán, Mexico, 1847-1924 (Albuquerque: U of New Mexico P, 2010). A Contracorriente, 9(3), 457-463. (Full text available at RWU Digital Commons)

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