Faculty Scholarship - A

Adams, Roberta

Adams, Roberta E.  2006. “Aspects of Authority in Wu Cheng’en’s Journey to the West.”  In  Confucian Cultures of Authority, edited by Peter D. Hershock and Roger T. Ames, 117-149.  Albany:  State University of New York Press, SUNY Series in Asian Studies Development.

Audet, Richard

Audet, Richard, and Linda Jordan, editors. Integrating Inquiry across the Curriculum. Corwin Press, 2005. (Available in RWU Authors Collection)

Audet, Richard H., and Linda K. Jordan. Standards in the Classroom: An Implementation Guide for Teachers of Science and Mathematics. Corwin Press, 2003. (Available in RWU Authors Collection) 

Audet, Richard, Joseph Buttner, Dale Leavitt, and Scott Soares. Explorations in Aquaculture. New England Board of Higher Education, 2002, 2 vols. (Available in RWU Authors Collection)

Audet, Richard H., and Gail S. Ludwig. GIS in Schools. Environmental Systems Research Institute, 2000. (Available in RWU Authors Collection)

Ayton, Will

Ayton, Will. A Reliquary for William Blake. MSR Classics, 2007. (Available in RWU Authors Collection)

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