Library Liaisons

The Library Liaison Program is designed to build relationships between the library and academic disciplines on campus. A librarian has been assigned to every department and program to assist faculty and students with teaching and learning.

We collaborate with faculty to:

  • Facilitate collection building – both print and electronic
  • Promote new library resources
  • Provide faculty members with specialized research assistance
  • Offer library instruction in the classroom
  • Provide in-depth research consultations for students
  • Orient new faculty to library resources and services
CoreAll Librarians
WritingAll Librarians

Feinstein School of Humanities, Arts & Education

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American StudiesJohn Fobert
Communications and Media StudiesSusan McMullen
Creative WritingChristine Fagan
Dance/PerformanceChristine Fagan
Educational StudiesLindsey Gumb
Elementary EducationLindsey Gumb
English LiteratureChristine Fagan
Foreign LanguagesMary Wu
Graphic Design CommunicationJohn Schlinke
HistoryJohn Fobert
JournalismSusan McMullen
MusicChristine Fagan
Performing ArtsChristine Fagan
PhilosophyChristine Fagan
Public RelationsSusan McMullen
Secondary EducationLindsey Gumb
TheatreChristine Fagan
Visual Arts StudiesJohn Schlinke
Web DevelopmentMary Wu

Feinstein School of Social and Natural Sciences

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Anthropology and SociologyLindsey Gumb
Applied MathematicsMary Wu
Aquaculture and Aquarium StudiesSusan McMullen
BiochemistryMary Wu
BiologySusan McMullen
ChemistryMary Wu
Environmental Science Susan McMullen
International RelationsLindsey Gumb
Marine BiologySusan McMullen
MathematicsMary Wu
PhysicsMary Wu
Political ScienceLindsey Gumb
PsychologyJohn Fobert

School of Architecture, Art and Historic Preservation

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ArchitectureJohn Schlinke
Art and Architectural HistoryJohn Schlinke
Historic PreservationJohn Schlinke

School of Justice Studies

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Criminal JusticeSusan McMullen
Forensics, Networking & SecurityMary Wu
Legal StudiesSusan McMullen
Security Assurance StudiesMary Wu

Graduate Programs

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Elementary EducationLindsey Gumb
Literacy EducationLindsey Gumb
Criminal JusticeSusan McMullen
Public AdministrationJohn Fobert
LeadershipJohn Fobert
Clinical PsychologyJohn Fobert
Forensic PsychologyJohn Fobert
ArchitectureJohn Schlinke
Art & Architectural HistoryJohn Schlinke
Historic PreservationJohn Schlinke
Construction ManagementJohn Schlinke

Continuing Studies

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Community DevelopmentJohn Fobert
Criminal JusticeSusan McMullen
Cybersecurity and NetworkingJohn Schlinke
Emergency Medical ServicesJohn Fobert
Healthy CommunitiesJohn Fobert
HumanitiesJohn Fobert
ManagementSusan McMullen
Paralegal StudiesSusan McMullen
PsychologyJohn Fobert
Public AdministrationJohn Fobert
Social ScienceJohn Fobert
Technology, Leadership and ManagementJohn Fobert