Urban and Regional Planning

The Graduate Certificate in Urban & Regional Planning provides students with the option of deepening knowledge of urban, regional, and community planning principles and processes that will complement existing skills and knowledge.

Required and elective courses are based on core concepts of sustainability and smart growth in order to provide a strong foundation for planning in a world of diminishing resources, environmental degradation, and climate change. Students who complete the certificate will have an understanding of the theory of planning, stakeholder engagement, land use and physical planning and its relationship to urban design, environmental/heritage conservation, transportation planning, sustainable development, planning law, and principles of equity and social justice. Potential areas of employment in which a student could use the skills gained through this certificate include architecture, landscape architecture and planning practices, in local governmental agencies, non-profit advocacy organizations, private consulting firms, and policy institutes.


Required Courses (4 courses / 13 credits)

PLAN 501             Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning (3 credits)

ARCH 524            Evolution of Urban Form* (3 credits)


ARCH 572            Urban Design Theory* (3 credits)

PLAN 521             GIS for Planning, Design and Conservation (3 credits)

PLAN 582L           Interdisciplinary Planning Workshop (4 credits)


Urban and Regional Planning Elective Options (1 course/3 credits)

ARCH 529            History of Landscape Architecture

ARCH 530            Special Topics (with prior approval)

ARCH 536            Special Topics in Sustainable Design (with prior approval)

ARCH 537            Special Topics in Urban Design

ARCH 561            Landscape Architecture: Theory and Practice

ARCH 593            Sustainable Paradigms

ARCH 594            Urban Ecology

HP 501                 Fundamentals of Historic Preservation

HP 525                 Preservation Economics

HP 526                 Preservation Law and Regulation

HP 530                 Special Topics (with prior approval)

*Both ARCH 524 and ARCH 572 may be taken with one counting as the required elective

Relevant courses in Community Development and Law may be taken with approval of the Program Director.

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