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The RWU student experience is packed with hands-on projects, real-world opportunities, unique program offerings, personalized interactions with faculty, and much more. All of it meant to help students discover their passions while preparing for a successful career and a fulfilling life. Our students and faculty are scholars, researchers, scientists, architects, and more.

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  • Headshot of Dorca Paulino

    Supporting Judicial Diversity

    Dorca M. Paulino, RWU Class of 2017

    Public Administration (MPA)

    Growing up, Dorca M. Paulino never imagined she would one day work for the Rhode Island Supreme Court. Now, she serves as the Diversity Director of our state’s judicial branch of government.   

  • Headshot of Diana Imondi

    Keeping Our Roads Safe

    Diana Imondi, RWU Class of 2019

    Public Administration (MPA)

    “With the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana we are seeing a huge uptick in marijuana-involved crashes and, unfortunately, fatalities,” said Diana Imondi ’19, Senior Manager of Public Affairs at AAA Northeast. Faced with this crisis, she applied the skills she learned in her RWU Master of Public Administration Program to help drivers stay safe. 

  • Headshot of Beth Flanagan

    Leading the Mission to Cure and Treat ALS

    Beth Flanagan, RWU Class of 2019

    Public Administration (MPA)

    Beth Flanagan ‘19 is ready to lead the fight against ALS, stepping up as the Executive Director of the ALS Association Rhode Island Chapter. 

  • Headshot of Meg Grady

    Delivering Safety and Health

    Meghan Grady, RWU Class of 2008

    Public Administration (MPA)

    Meghan Grady graduated from RWU in 2008 with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Now, she makes a difference every day as the Executive Director of Meals on Wheels of Rhode Island. 

  • Headshot of Elizabeth Domack

    Understanding the Mind

    Elizabeth Domack, RWU Class of 2013

    Forensic & Legal Psychology

    Elizabeth Domack sees clients for individual therapy through her private practice. We talked with Domack about the ways her background in the forensic field helps her make a difference to her clients.

  • Headshot of Kim Rakiec

    A Path to Success

    Kim Rakiec, RWU Class of 2013

    Forensic & Legal Psychology

    Kim Rakiec graduated with a Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology degree in 2013. Now, she works as a clinical supervisor at the Seven Hills Foundation, an organization that provides support to children and adults with disabilities and significant life challenges. 

  • Headshot of Stephanie Shoppell

    Being There for Recovering Teens

    Stephanie Shoppell, RWU Class of 2016

    Forensic & Legal Psychology

    Stephanie Shoppell '16 uses her Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology degree in her career as an outpatient therapist for teens with co-occurring disorders, such as substance abuse and anxiety or depression. 

  • Melissa Russano

    Experimental Social Psychologist

    Melissa Russano, Professor

    Criminal Justice

    Since Dr. Melissa Russano came to Roger Williams University, she’s been sharing her extensive expertise in the field of interrogation techniques with her students and the community.