Graduate Accepted Students

Congratulations on your admission to RWU!

Congratulations on your acceptance as a graduate student at RWU! You are one step closer to becoming a part of the graduate student community at RWU. We know you have a lot to consider as you prepare for graduate school, so we hope that we can help be a resource for you as you're making your decision. Please utilize the resources below and the menu to the left to help with your next steps:

Connect with your Program DirectorGraduate Housing Resources
Graduate Student Financial Aid InformationVisit Campus
Schedule a meeting with a member of the Graduate Admission teamJoin the RWU Graduate Students Facebook community

We hope that you will choose to join the RWU graduate student community!

Made your decision? Let us know your plans by completing the following steps
  1. Complete the enrollment response form on your applicant portal. 
  2. If you are planning to attend RWU, submit your enrollment commitment deposit on your applicant portal after you have completed your enrollment response form. You will see a payment due. 
  3. If you received an institutional aid award (assistantship, scholarship, or grant), complete the Institutional Aid Award Agreement(log in using your applicant credentials).