M.S. Preservation Practices

Master of Science in Preservation Practices Program

As one of the oldest programs of its kind in America, the M.S. Preservation Practices program at RWU couples multidisciplinary coursework in subjects like history, architecture, law, and economics with rigorous field-based professional workshops and internships. The program is one of the few in the country embedded within a school of architecture, allowing it to embrace the intersections of theory and practice that are critical for future careers in preservation. 

This Program

  • Provides a guaranteed, paid internship or assistantship as part of the Career Investment Program
  • Offers hands-on coursework both on and off campus, drawing on the wealth of historic resources in our surrounding communities and properties
  • Gives students the ability to pursue professional interests through a research thesis or applied capstone
  • Allows students to earn a graduate certificate in Real Estate or Urban and Regional Planning

Tell Me More More About The Program


To earn a master's in Historic Preservation at RWU, students must complete either a written thesis or a summative practical experience called the capstone project. For her capstone project, Christina Pokwatka surveyed structures and created a conditions report on a real evaluation project.

Pokwatka graduated with her master's degree in historic preservation in 2017 and was recently hired as a temporary conservation technician to work on the Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington, Virginia by the Tradesmen Group.

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