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  • A student sits typing on a laptop

    10 Tips for a Successful Grad School Search

    Courtney Trahan, Assistant Director of Graduate Admission

    There are many options for grad school and the experience will (and should) be very different from your undergraduate study, so how you choose a school is critical. I talked to some of our current graduate students to hear their advice on how to make your search for graduate school a success.

  • A therapist takes notes with a patient

    You mean Forensic Psychology isn't my only option?

    Rachel Candelaria, M.A. Forensic Mental Health Counseling candidate '23

    My faculty stressed, highly, that my future track was research. They told me that my only option was to get a master’s degree in criminal psychology or forensic psychology. I applied to five forensic psychology degree programs and planned to get my PhD, just as those professors encouraged. It was not until I applied to the Forensic & Legal Psychology program at Roger Williams University (RWU) that I found I was on the completely wrong career path!

  • A photo of a historic outdoor theater in Switzerland

    There are no breaks in Architecture! A spring "break" studio in Switzerland

    Thomas Gallagher, M.Arch candidate '23

    Studios in the RWU Master of Architecture program often involve design projects using sites around the U.S. and abroad. To most effectively design for these sites, RWU studios sometimes create opportunities to visit these sites in person. RWU M.Arch student Thomas Gallagher shares his experience from a studio trip to Switzerland this past March.

  • Students pose in graduation regalia

    Questions to consider before you pursue graduate study

    Marcus Hanscom, Director of Graduate Admission

    So you’re interested in potentially going to grad school. While it’s easy to simply run to Google and start your search, it’s important to assess your own motivations for going to graduate school and create a plan for next steps that takes into consideration your readiness, financial circumstances, time commitments, and other factors.