International Student Checklist

Applicants who are officially accepted to a graduate program at RWU, who are not United States citizens, and who plan to matriculate in a campus-based program in the United States are required to provide additional forms of legal documentation.  These documents are not required in order to apply to a graduate program; only applicants who have officially been accepted are required to submit these documents.

Required documents for all accepted international students (both new and transfer students):

  1. I-20 Request Form
    Please be sure to complete all sections of this form; it is very important that a complete foreign address is included.  A copy of this form is a valid document.
  2. Original Financial Statement
    All accepted international students must complete the Original Financial Statement above, and must also submit original documentation showing financial support for the annual costs of study (tuition, fees, and living expenses). Proof of financial support can be submitted by completing official bank statements/certificates in English and in the student’s name, or if the bank account is in a parent’s name, through a letter from a parent explaining their financial support for all expenses; letters must be in English.  If your home country is providing financial support for your tuition only, the student is responsible for providing proper documentation for living expenses.  Any documents sent must be official and original.  Copies are not acceptable.
  3. Copy of valid passport

Required documents for students transferring from another U.S. institution or ELS program only:

  1. F-1 Transfer Student Verification Form
    It is extremely important that all sections of this form all completely filled out.  A copy of this form is a valid document.
  2. Copy of current I-20
  3. Copy of current Visa

Submitting Documents
Original documents must be sent to the following address:

Roger Williams University
Office of Graduate Admission
1 Old Ferry Rd.
Bristol, RI 02809

Any documents in which copies are acceptable (noted above) can also be sent via email to, or sent via fax to 401-254-3557.