A Love of Reading

A headshot of Sarah DelSanto standing on campus
Sarah Jane DelSanto is set to graduate with her master's degree in literacy education in December. Currently, she is technology integration coach Portsmouth Middle School, where she led the school's 1:1 student to technology program.

Sarah Jane DelSanto, RWU Class of 2017


For Sarah Jane DelSanto there is no such thing as a normal day. As the technology integration coach at Portsmouth Middle School, the Rhode Island native fans her love of technology by giving teachers and students the tools that they need to support collaborative and twenty-first-century learning. But DelSanto, who graduated with an elementary education degree from RWU in 2015, has another passion: a love of reading. To stoke that passion, DelSanto has returned to RWU as a graduate student. Read her reflections on her experience and what she hopes to achieve:

I’m getting a Master’s degree in literacy education because I want to be able to share my love of reading and writing with children. Reading literature helps children to empathize with others and cope with their own problems. I want to give children the skills that they need to be successful in the future. Being able to communicate effectively is the number one thing that employers look for when interviewing potential employees. Children need to be able to communicate in our highly collaborative world. If I can teach them how to read and write, I can help them succeed in life.

I chose RWU for my graduate degree because I loved my undergraduate experience. I was excited about the opportunity to pursue my master's degree in a comfortable environment. I love the small class sizes and the way that teachers get to know me on a personal level.

There is no one best thing about working with students. Students are the future. The students that I work with are kind, thoughtful, dedicated, and eager to learn. In my current position, I get to see students throughout the entirety of their middle school experience since I co-teach with teachers in all grades. It is wonderful to see students grow academically and personally over the years.

My passion in education comes from my love of children.

After graduating from RWU with a Master’s degree in literacy education, I will have the opportunity to work with teachers and students at all grade levels (Prek-12).

My favorite part about the graduate program is the six week, summer clinical experience that is required for graduation. I worked with students in grades four, five, nine, eleven, and twelve to develop and support strategies for literacy learning. I was able to use my theoretical knowledge from my studies in a way that helped children grow.

People who are considering a degree in literacy education should choose Roger Williams because the program gives you the opportunity to work with experienced professionals, learn about the best practices for teaching literacy and apply your knowledge in an authentic way during the clinical experience.