Gaining Opportunity Through Research

A headshot of Kristina Todorovic
Kristina Todorovic '18

Kristina Todorovic, RWU Class of 2018

Forensic & Legal PsychologyStudent

Kristina Todorovic’s graduate school experience is all about research opportunities. After speaking with students in her program during the admission process, Kristina made the easy choice to enroll at RWU. She saw it as a school that not only closely aligned with her own research interests, but also provided an environment that ensures that she would have a number of opportunities to gain research experience.

“As a thesis student, it’s very valuable to have multiple research experiences. Professors here include you in their research and are very resourceful in helping you find other opportunities.”

Currently, Kristina is working on three research projects. Two of the projects are on campus. In one of them, she is working with a professor on studying the CSI effect – where people believe the forensic science they see on crime television shows – and how it affects jurors in opening and closing arguments. The other on-campus project is in development. Kristina has the opportunity to help shape the focus of the project after she assists in analyzing the data her team is receiving from a trial consulting firm.

Kristina’s third research opportunity involves her work as one of a select group of students conducting research at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, where she is helping to study plea bargaining in the juvenile legal system and how lawyers perceive it. One of her RWU professors connected her with the School’s lead forensic researcher, Gina Vincent, a nationally-renowned forensic psychology expert. This experience and connection will be critical for Kristina when she applies for her Ph.D.

Previously, Kristina helped research how jurors process improper statements by prosecutors in closing arguments in order to determine the number of strong counter arguments they may need in order to be persuaded.