Emily Watson

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Emily WatsonGraduate Program Ambassador: M.Arch (Master of Architecture)

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Seattle, WA

What you were doing before your graduate program at RWU: 

I graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor of Art’s degree in Architecture with minors in Environmental Studies and Asian Studies from Hobart William Smith Colleges, located in Geneva, NY. After graduating, to bridge to graduate studies, I cultivated my professional skills through summer jobs, volunteer roles, and architectural internships on Cape Cod, MA. Additionally, I completed a semester at the Cape Cod Community College learning industry-specific programs including AutoCAD, Revit, and Civil 3D. After researching and visiting graduate schools, I was thrilled to enter the Roger Williams University, Master of Architecture program in 2022. 

Your future plans:

Upon graduation from Roger Williams University, I will continue to pursue my architect licensing while working in New England. Exploring these New England towns, I have seen numerous architectural opportunities to address significant housing and business needs for a transforming community. I am drawn by my recent Historic Preservation studies and its adaptive re-incorporation into the built environment. I plan to participate in a generation that is committed to re-envisioning the world’s cultural, equitable, environmental, and technological architectural challenges.  

Your favorite part(s) of your student experience at RWU:

At Roger Williams University, my favorite parts of the student experience have been the campus community, Professor-Student exchange of knowledge/ideas, and the variety of special events offered to students to relax, try something new, or hang out with friends. Anything to break you away from your desk and just have fun.

To add, one of my favorite places on campus is the Architecture library. It’s one of the best in New England for its abundant physical and digital collections. A treasure!

Best advice for students planning to go to graduate school:

 As I was planning to go to graduate school, I found the time that I spent working in career-related jobs, building my network, and taking courses at my local Community College was extremely beneficial. These things and finding opportunities to further develop your portfolio will be foundational for your future. When you are researching and applying to schools, either in-person or remotely, trust your inner self to guide you to the program that fits right. Others will share their opinions about where you should go but your best abilities will flourish in an environment that suits you. A great way to enhance your decision process is to check out the latest published works of the professors.

Favorite things to do in the area:

There are so many! I love exploring the area with friends whether that’s sea-glass finding, beach time, art/museum tours, sailing or participating in local events including WaterFire in Providence and the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at the Roger Williams Park Zoo. There are endless things to discover in the surrounding area with its maritime history and seaside culture; it is tremendous fun.