Roger Life

We’ve all been working hard to uphold pandemic protocols, so we can protect our low positivity rate and remain on campus throughout the semester.   

This new series highlights what RWU students have decided to do with that opportunity: To be here, at this moment in history, together. You have engaged, while your peers at other schools may have had to retreat. You’re lifting one another up, making things happen, developing your leadership skills, maintaining community.

That’s Roger Life.


  • image of RWU dance major Alexis Eley

    Roger Life: Alexis Eley on Sharing A Passion for Dance

    By Anna Cohen

    “It’s been really great to be able to dance in-person," RWU Junior Alexis Eley says. "I used to take interaction for granted, but the pandemic has really made me appreciate being able to be around people. When I go home, I don’t have a lot of access to a dance studio or dancing with other people. Once I come back to school, I appreciate being able to connect and share the love of dance. I feel like I’m a part of a dance family." Eley is Treasurer of Ballroom Dance Club, a member of Dance Club, and is minoring in Dance.

  • images of Dominion Emmanuel (left) and Blessing Pour, RWU interns studying in Washington, D.C.

    Roger Life: During DC Internships, Deepening Their Commitment to Create Change

    By Anna Cohen

    As part of RWU’s partnership with the Washington Internship Institute, sophomores Dominion Emmanuel and Blessing Pour are in the nation's capital this semester. Emmanuel is interning at Dzubow & Pilcher, PLLC, a D.C. immigration law firm specializing in asylum. Pour is interning for the Prisoners' Rights Initiative at the Washington Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs.

  • Grayson Scanlon in front of a unicorn

    Roger Life: Grayson Scanlon is Here and Proud

    By Anna Cohen

    “Growing up, a lot of my queer identity was founded in an online community. To go to college and be able to celebrate my queer and trans friendships in-person means so much to me," says Junior Grayson Scanlon, Sexuality and Gender Alliance's Outreach Chair. "When we had to be remote in the spring of 2020, it felt like I had to regress to having that identity only be online. Being able to go back on campus is a big deal because we are still here and proud, despite everything that is going on.”

  • image of Josh Abston and Mackenzie Seccombe holding RWU's plasticized brain outside on our beautiful Bristol campus

    Roger Life: Using their Brains, for Science Communication

    By Anna Cohen

    Josh Abston and Mackenzie Seccombe, founders of RWU’s Brain Club, are bringing neuroscience to Rhode Island elementary, middle, and high school classrooms. They created a science experiment to virtually share with participating schools for Brain Week Rhode Island, which ran from March 15-20, 2021.

  • image of MSU President Jeraldyn Ramirez and Public Relations Chair Nathalie Rodriguez tabling during Stay Woke Week

    Roger Life: Keeping Focus on Social Justice, with MSU Leaders

    By Anna Cohen

    “There has been so much going on in the world, and our members have been going through a lot. We need to talk about it," says Multicultural Student Union President Jeraldyn Ramirez. "These social justice topics affect me, so if I didn’t have an outlet to discuss them, how would I focus on school? The MSU has a group chat and we are constantly emailing, not just, ‘We have a meeting today at 5,’ but, ‘How is everybody doing? Does anyone have anything they want to talk to us about?’ It goes way beyond our meetings. At the end of the day we’re a community and a family.”

  • Students play blacklight laser tag

    Roger Life: Finding the Fun Collaboratively, with CEN Organizers

    By Anna Cohen

    In case you missed it, Campus Entertainment Network (CEN) "Where’s The Fun" Committee Chairs Calvin Shimansky and Patrick Longval brought an exciting night of blacklight laser tag to the Field House in February. “We do a really good job of bringing events like this to campus. We collaborate with the students during our weekly committee meetings, collaborate with our advisors, and all the faculty and staff," Shimansky said. "It’s great to hear their ideas and get to actually put on events.”

  • Ava Wilkens at Hawkward practice

    Roger Life: In Praise of Singing, with Ava Wilkens

    By Anna Cohen

    Junior Ava Wilkens is the business director for Hawkward, RWU's co-ed audition-based a cappella group. "It means the world to me that we are able to all be together in person. Hawkward is the time of my week where I can destress, decompress, and mentally give myself a break. I can hang out with friends and do what I love."

  • Sophie Speliopoulos, RWU’s Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) president

    Roger Life: Conversation in Community with Sophie Speliopoulos

    Sophie Speliopoulos, RWU’s Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) president, works with her peers to put on events that support queer and transgender students and benefit the entire RWU community. "A lot of freshmen came from high schools where they didn’t have anything like SAGA. This is their first time having a supportive community where they can come to each other with questions."

  • image of InterClass Council Spirit Chair Kyle Villella with another student at a recent 65th Birthday Party for Roger

    Roger Life: Getting Involved with Kyle Villella

    By Anna Cohen

    To build a sense of community and meet new people, sophomore Kyle Villella has gotten involved on campus: As an RA, an Admissions Ambassador, a member of the Campus Entertainment Network, and Spirit Chair for the Inter-Class Council. "I have some freshmen residents. I always make sure to send them all the in-person events that are still happening on campus so they can meet people."

  • image of Jordan St.Onge, a student member of the Reopening Roger team, with a Hawks Wear Masks sign on campus

    Roger Life: Reopening Roger with Jordan St.Onge

    Last summer, the Reopening Roger Steering Committee worked hard to craft a plan for in-person learning and campus operations, in the midst of the pandemic. RWU sophomore Jordan St.Onge, Student Senate Student Life Chair, served on the committee alongside campus administrators, faculty and staff. "We love our professional staff, but they don’t have the experience of what it is really like to be a student here, especially during a pandemic. We were able to provide some input."