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Roger Life: Alexandra Welch Steps Up for Athletics

By Anna Cohen
image of Alexandra Welch holding a volleyball at Volleyball Practice

Junior Alexandra Welch joined RWU's Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) during her freshman year. Welch progressed to become president of the Commonwealth Coast Conference SAAC, and, this February, became one of 24 members of the Division III SAAC. She brings her perspective as a volleyball team member to the committees to offer input on rules, regulations, and policies that impact her fellow student athletes while building connections with other athletics departments and institutions. 

Helping Support Athletes: "On the conference level SAAC, I’ve been able to talk to the other board members from other schools about what every school is doing, how we are helping each other with mental health, and how we are helping each other in classes. Especially right now, because a lot of people don't have seasons, the biggest thing is focusing on how can we still help people play and have fun. We can help people not feel stuck in a pandemic." 

Learning Out of My Comfort Zone: "Personally, it’s a great experience for leadership. I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and talking to people that I’ve never met before. It's a chance to really learn about everyone's experiences in college, and be able to reflect on my own as well. On the larger scale, it will help Roger Williams' SAAC as a whole to see what larger SAAC groups are doing, and to see how we can improve the lives of student athletes on campus."

What Being On Campus Means to Me: "I'm really grateful for the opportunity Roger has given us to be able to stay on campus. All the other schools in the conference don't keep up with our testing protocols. It makes me feel safer on campus. I'm grateful to be able to be immersed in everything and experience campus life. We have as close to the college experience we had before as possible."

Welch, who is from Marlborough, Conn., is pursuing a double major in Psychology and Criminal Justice. 

Women's Volleyball Practice

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