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Roger Life: Audrey Corcoran is Building a Strong Foundation for Women in Construction

By Anna Cohen
Audrey Corcoran using measuring tape

Sophomore Audrey Corcoran is the President of RWU’s Women in Construction club. She and her advisor wanted to celebrate fellow women in their field, so they hosted a celebratory event last month, where women gathered to make robots, build dartboards, play games, and connect. 

Bonding with Construction Colleagues: “Our club advisor, Professor Anne Anderson, and I wanted to do something to show women in construction how much we appreciate them. We wanted to remind them that National Women in Construction Week honors them. We had a fun afternoon, just taking the stress off and bonding with each other.”

Making an In-Person Connection: “It’s been really great connecting with other women from older and younger grades. It means more familiar faces to say 'Hi' to when you see them on campus. It feels good to have that human interaction, and to see everyone happy to be there.”

Bringing a Force Together: “Gathering as Women in Construction brings a strong force together. It gives women extra confidence to remember that we know what are doing and that we belong here. The stereotypical mentality in the field is that women don’t belong in construction, but here, we have a support system. It helps to know that you have a supportive force behind you.”

Corcoran, of East Granby, Conn., is majoring in Construction Management. 

Celebrating Women in Construction

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