Emergency Evacuation and Egress Maps

Workplace Emergency Evacuation Procedures

If an evacuation from your building is required due to an emergency such as a fire alarm, gas leak, natural disaster or any other reason, occupants should always remember to stay calm, do not rush, and do not panic. It is very important to always leave the building immediately when directed by alarm activation, RWU Alert message or other notification. Notify other employees as you are exiting the building.

The following procedures should be followed in the event of an evacuation.

  • Safely stop all work in your area.
  • Gather your personal belongings if safe to do so - necessities only, in the event you cannot return to your building such as keys, wallet/purse, cellphones and medications, and remember only if it is safe to do so.
  • Proceed to the nearest exit. Do not use the elevator.
  • Proceed to the designated Emergency Assemble Area (see below) and account for the employees that were working in your area.
  • If you have information to offer in regards to the emergency, call Public Safety at 254-3333 once you are in a safe location.
  • Wait for instructions from Emergency Personnel.
  • Never re-enter the building or work area until you have been instructed to by Emergency Personnel.

It is recommended that each department/business unit in a building identify a few department members who will act as evacuation coordinators. These evacuation coordinators should:

  • Assist other department members, including those needing assistance, in evacuating the building, including – if safe to do so – checking restrooms as they are exiting; and
  • Be able to do a “head-count” of evacuated personnel and identify to Emergency Personnel any individuals who do not appear to be present at the evacuation assembly area.

In addition, it is important that all employees be aware of the locations of alternate exits and keep exit routes free and clear of obstructions.  The Department of Environmental Health and Safety is currently updating egress maps for all buildings on campus.  Please check this link for egress maps for your particular building and floor. For Dormitories, please refer to the egress maps located within your Housing Unit.

Two designated assembly areas – that are at least 500 feet away from the building - should be identified where employees and others should assemble upon evacuation.  Each department should discuss both a “Main Assembly Area” and an “Alternate Assembly Area”, in the event the Main Area cannot be used.  Also designated on some egress maps are Areas of Refuge. This is usually a stairwell that is as a fire rated location where rescue personnel will check for individual who may have had difficulty getting down the stairs or out of the building.

Remember that in the event of an emergency contact Public Safety at extension 3333 (or 254-3333 from a non-campus phone).  Public Safety officers are available 24/7 throughout campus.