5 Reasons to Start College in the Spring

Have you considered starting college, or transferring into a bachelor’s degree program this February? We tend to think of the academic year as always beginning in the fall, but there are great reasons why a mid-year start can be ideal for many students. Here are our top 5 reasons to see if a February start is right for you.

Reason 5: You originally decided to take a gap year, but realize you don’t need that whole time off. A gap year is a great opportunity to gain real-world exposure, hone in on your goals, and gain perspective before starting college. Often, students choose to work or travel during this year off. But, in reality, many times students get what they need in six months and the itch to get back in the classroom and move on is strong. A whole year may be just a little too much time away, which can set you up for a rusty start. If you’ve gained a lot during your summer and fall away, why not begin in February?

image of RWU student concentrating in class

Reason 4: You can maximize your future earnings. Taking only a semester off before beginning college versus a year allows you graduate six months earlier and begin earning in your new career with your degree in hand. Alternatively, it’s much easier to catch up and graduate “on time” if you only have a semester to make up. Sure, those 4 or 5 courses could be taken during winter and summer sessions to put you on track, but beginning earlier will reduce the possibility that you’ll have to take extra courses or sacrifice summers to keep your momentum to graduate.

Reason 3: February can offer a more personalized transition to college. Typically a much smaller cohort of new students begin in the spring semester. This puts you in a smaller, more intimate orientation group where you are very likely to get one-on-one attention. 

Reason 2: If you thought there would be no housing, think again! Lots of housing options open up in the spring semester since many current students tend to study abroad during this time. Chances are you’ll be guaranteed on-campus housing and you’ll have a roommate who already knows the lay of the land to be your personal guide to get you up to speed!

Reason 1: Trust your gut – always. If you feel you’re ready and excited about the prospect of college or a bachelor’s degree program, don’t put it off. Act on that passion when it’s fresh. It’s too easy for the logical part of our brains to talk us out of things that seem challenging. Don’t wait long enough for the doubts to creep in – you can do it and you’re ready!

And, one bonus reason: most colleges will provide full opportunities for merit scholarships and need-based financial aid for spring applicants. If you’re now feeling amped up about a spring college start, check out Roger Williams University and our spring admission opportunities. It’s an easy, quick application process and we would love to work with you to make it happen!

The spring semester starts Monday, February 1, 2021.

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