Placement Testing By Subject

RWU has placement guidelines to determine the appropriate level of entry for students taking courses in the areas of foreign language, mathematics, and writing. All placement requirements for incoming Fall 2018 students are available online now. You will receive your placement results at your orientation session. 

All requirements must be completed by May 13, 2018.


The guidelines to determine writing placement work a little differently : How is the writing placement determined?

Foreign Language

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Please watch this short language placement video before proceeding.

For questions about waiving general education course requirements contact Dr. Anthony Hollingsworth at

There is no university-wide foreign language requirement at Roger Williams University.

However, all new students are required to take a foreign language placement test to determine their placement level in a language.

 Online Testing

 Access online tests 24/7 from home.

  • Turn off pop-up blocker before beginning the test.
  • Questions are multiple-choice.
  • There is no time limit on test.
  • Students may take more than one test.
  • Results are automatically sent to RWU.
  • Students are informed of test results at orientation.

Foreign Language Placement Tests 

Students wishing to complete a placement test for ancient Greek, Chinese, Japanese or American Sign Language should contact Dr. Anthony Hollingsworth at to make an appointment for this testing.

Click here for additional information about foreign language courses and placement.


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RWU math placement testing is designed to determine the appropriate entry-level course in the RWU math sequence of a student's major. We do not use SAT scores or high school transcripts for math placement.

There are two online placement tests: RWU Algebra Placement Test and RWU Functions Placement Test.

Only students in majors that have math courses with prerequisites are required take the math placement tests. These majors include architecture, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, computer science, construction management, engineering, environmental science, forensics networking and security, B.S. public health, forensics science, marine biology, mathematics, and security assurance studies. In addition, undeclared students in the Feinstein College of Arts should also take these tests. If you are unsure you can check the testing requirements by major listed under Academic Placement.

Online Testing

  • You can access online tests 24/7 from any computer.
  • Both online placement tests are required in the majors noted above.
  • All questions on both tests are multiple choice.
  • There is a two hour time limit on each test
  • Test 1 (Algebra) and Test 2 (Functions) may be taken at different times.
  • However, once a single test has been started, test takers may not stop and resume that particular test at a later time.
  • Calculator use is allowed.
  •  Results are automatically sent to RWU.
  •  Students are informed of test results at summer orientation

Click here for additional information about math courses and placement.

Online Testing for Students Requiring Extended Time

  • Students who have used extended time in high school or on the SAT/ACT exam may register for the 4 hour option of Test 1 (Algebra) and Test 2 (Functions).
  • The link to the 4 hour option is available within the math registration link.
  • While documentation of disability is not required for the utilization of extended time on the math placement tests, documentation will be required for the use of extended time and other accommodations during the academic year.
  • For more information about submitting documentation for courses in the academic year, please visit Student Accessibility Services
  •  Click here for math placement test registration.

Click here for additional information about math courses and placement


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Writing Placement is determined by the Directed Self Placement protocol.

What are the writing course requirements at RWU?

The University core curriculum writing requirement is Expository Writing (WTNG.102) and a second class at the 200 or 300 level. 

Some students may be required to take an additional course, Introduction to Academic Writing (WTNG.100), before entering Expository Writing.

Typically, students complete their writing requirement during their first three semesters at RWU. 

How is the writing placement determined?


First Writing Course


Remainder of Sequence


WTNG.100, Introduction to Academic Writing


WTNG.102, Expository Writing, and a 200 or 300 level writing


WTNG.102, Expository Writing


WTNG.200/300 level


For course descriptions, please consult the RWU online catalog.

*RWU is test optional for admission, with the exception of students applying to the Elementary or Secondary Education programs in accordance with guidelines from the Rhode Island Department of Education.