Barn Summer Playhouse to Host Two Productions

RWU Associate Professor of Dance Gary Shore's "The Freedom of Air: Da Vinci’s Fight and Flight " and Steve Martin's "Meteor Shower" come to the Barn Summer Playhouse.

Anna Meyers `18
Actor in play.

Bristol, R.I.  – Come join us here on campus for an evening full of entertainment and theatre. What could be better than a relaxing in the air conditioned Performing Arts Center? 

The theatre program challenges and enriches students through curriculum, productions, and activities. Each year, this program offers four seasonal productions – a musical, a classical, modern, and contemporary play – which occur twice in the fall and twice in the spring.

The entertainment continues this summer with two exciting plays at the Barn Summer Playhouse. 

Choreographer, mime, filmmaker, and RWU Associate Professor of Dance Gary Shore makes sure students and alumni have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of producing each play. This includes organizing rehearsals, developing publicity, interacting and developing contacts with local professional actors, organizing ticket sales, and most importantly, shaping the success of the show. 

“Because of how close the community is, when you’re in a play, you are not just acting, but you also get to learn about the technical side of things and  that helps what you’re doing on stage," said theatre program alum Constantine Tzouros `18. 

Two alumni are involved in this summer's production – producer and stage manager Olivia Tellier `18 and assistant stage manager Maggie Sabella `18. 

The Freedom of Air: Da Vinci’s Fight and Flight 

In 1517, specifically at the Vatican, Leonardo Da Vinci paints along with experimenting with “flying machines,” dissects corpses, and battles with his assistant, Gorgio. During this play, Gorgio threatens to expose the controversial aspect of Leonardo’s work to the Pope. Though enraged, Leonardo reveals to Gorgio what a more engaging life could be like.  

Written and Directed by Gary Shore, this premiere starts on June 21 and continues the 22, 28, and 30. Each show starts at 7:30pm. Tickets can be bought at $10 to general admission and $5 to students and seniors. Purchase your tickets online at or pick them up right at the door. For any extra information, feel free to call (401)527-7998. 

Meteor Shower

You won’t want to miss this! This unique comedy, written by Steve Martin, (yes, the Steve Martin) explores two different married couples at dinner, just when a meteor shower occurs. Find out what these couples experience when the sky is the limit! 

Directed by Jeffery B. Martin, this premiere starts July 19 and continues through the 20 and 21, along with the 25 through 27. Call (401)254-3666 to make reservations today! Or feel free to visit the website at