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In Case You Missed It: Dr. Teresa Bejan

Dr. Bejan

The first lecture of the 2018-19 Fall Semester Talking in the Library Lecture Series was held on Thursday, September 6th in the Mary Tefft White Cultural Center.

Dr. Teresa Bejan, Associate Professor of Political Theory and a Fellow of Oriel College at the University of Oxford, presented a talk titled, Tolerating Intolerance: What Can Roger Williams Teach Us Today?

Dr. Bejan received her PhD. with distinction from Yale University in 2013 and was awarded the American Political Science Association's Leo Strauss Award for the best doctoral dissertation in political philosophy.  Her work has appeared in the Journal of Politics, History of Political Thought, the Review of Politics, History of European Ideas, and the Oxford Review of Education, among other academic journals.

You can watch a video of Dr. Bejan’s talk at RWU below.


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