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In Case You Missed It: Amy Wallen

Amy Wallen

The Mary Tefft White Cultural Center Lecture Series in conjunction with the Rogers Free Library and the Jane Bodell Endowment presented memoirist Amy Wallen on Wednesday, October 17, 2018, at the Rogers Free Library in Bristol, Rhode Island.

Ms. Wallen and moderator Susan Tacent discussed Amy’s latest book, When We Were Ghouls: A memoir of ghost stories. It is part of the American Lives series, curated and edited by Tobias Wolff.

In the book, Wallen tells a story of growing up all around the world, beginning at age seven when her family moved to Lagos, Nigeria. They then moved to Peru and Bolivia, all at times of upheaval. Plumbing the slipperiness of memory and confronting what it means to be a “good” human, When We Were Ghouls links the fear of loss and mortality to childhood ideas of permanence. 

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