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Warnapala, Yajni.

Warnapala, Yajni. "The numerical solution of the radiosity’s equation via the Galerkin Method: Dirichlet Problem." Journal of Interdisciplinary Mathematics (Forthcoming).

Warnapala, Yajni and Hy Dinh. 2013. "The numerical solution of the Helmholtz’s Equation for the superellipsoid via the modified Galerkin Method for the Dirichlet Problem." Communications in Numerical Analysis, 1-12. (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

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Warnapala, Yajni and Karishma Silva. 2011. "Z-Score demystified: A critical analysis of the Sri Lankan University Admission Policy." The Journal of Case Studies 2. (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

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Anderson,Delia Castro and Yaji Warnapala. 2008. "MS Word Export To Multiple PDF Files Software - Please purchase license.Tests of Significance and Effect Size: Meaningful Interpretation of Statistical Data in the Health Sciences."Essays in Education" 23 (Winter)  (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

Webb, Paul

Crocker, D. E., R. M. Ortiz, D.S. Houser, P.M. Webb and D. P. Costa. 2012. "Hormone and metabolite changes associated with extended breeding fasts in male northern elephant seals (Mirounga angustirostris)."  Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A 161(4):388-394. (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

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White, Stephen

White, Stephen. Building in the Garden: The Architecture of Joseph Allen Stein in India and California. Oxford University Press, 2003. (Available in RWU Authors Collection)

Whitworth, Donald

Zaitchik, M. C., G. L. Berman, D. Whitworth, and J. Platania. 2007. "The Time is Now: The Emerging Need for Master’s-Level Training in Forensic Psychology."Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice 7 (2): 65-71. (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

Wilson, Clanice

Wilson, Clanice. You are You. AuthorHouse, 2009. (Available in RWU Authors Collection)

Winfield, Ann

Winfield, A. G. 2018. "Eugenic Ideology and the Institutionalization of the ‘Technofix’ on the Underclass." In Canestrari, Alan S. and Marlowe, Bruce A. The Wiley International Handbook of Educational Foundations. Boston: Wiley-Blackwell Publishers. (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

Winfield, A. G. 2013. "Achieving Ideological Escape Velocity: Becoming an Activist Teacher." In Educational Foundations: An Anthology of Critical Readings, edited by Canestrari, A. and B. Marlowe. 3rd Edition ed. Los Angeles, CA: Sage Publications.

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Winfield, A. G. (2010). “Eugenic Ideology and Historical Osmosis.” In Curriculum Studies - The Next Moments: Exploring Post-Reconceptualization. E. Malewski (editor). New York, Routledge. (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

Winfield, Ann G., "Instituting a Hierarchy of Human Worth: Eugenic Ideology And the Anatomy of Who Gets What" (2010). School of Education Faculty Publications. Paper 10. (Full text available at DOCS@RWU)

Winfield, Ann. Eugenics and Education in America : Institutionalized Racism and the Implications of History, Ideology, and Memory. Peter Lang, 2007.(Available in RWU Authors Collection)

Wright, Tucker

Kriscenski, Nance, and Tucker Wright. Legal Studies Capstone: Assessing your Undergraduate Education. Delmar Cengage Learning, 2012. (Available in RWU Authors Collection)

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