Printing Sustainability Policy

  • A $15.00 per semester printing credit will be placed on each student’s ID/Unicard. This allotment will be on a separate tender that is reserved for printing. Any remaining balance will not carry over from one semester to another except as noted below, to be available for winter intersession and summer intersession use.
  • The $15.00 per semester printing credit translates to 210 pages of black and white printing.
  • Once a student has used the entire per-semester printing credit, printing charges will be $.07 per page for black and white, $.17 per page for color.
  • Additional funds can be added to a student’s Unicard on a general tender. The money remains with the student if it is not utilized for printing. As an alternative, students can add general tender to their Unicards at the CBORD machine in the library.
  • Spring semester eligibility period is January 1 to June 30.
  • Fall semester eligibility period is September 1 through December 31.


  • Students taking summer courses will be provided a $5.00 credit.


  • Printing required by a faculty member during a regularly scheduled class in a classroom or lab will be exempt from this policy. A student’s printing credit will not be charged for printing during class time.
  • Specialized printing jobs related to Architecture, Engineering, and Graphic Design will be exempt from this policy at this time but will remain under review.