Contacts - Marketing

For Press and Media Relations

Mel Thibeault
News and Media Relations Manager
Ext. 3013

Jill Pais
Assistant Vice President of Communications and Media Relations
Ext. 3332 

Laura Baldwin
Chief Marketing Officer
Ext. 3436

For the RWU Community

We want to help you share your news, your research, your accomplishments. We are a team of creative marketing and communications strategists that are ready to collaborate.

To request print needs, web ads, templates, and logos please fill out our Visual Design and Branding Request form. To request video and photo needs, please fill out our Video & Photography request form. To request web updates, please fill out our Web Update request form. We look forward to hearing more about your proposed projects. 

Visual Design and Branding Request Form

Video & Photography Request Form

Web Update Request Form

For editorial leads – including student, school and faculty news: