Revoking Privileges

Parking privileges may be denied, revoked or suspended for any of the following reasons:

  • As a result of a conduct hearing or sanction imposed by the Department of Public Safety.
  • Upon receiving four violations within a semester. (violations received during the winter intersession are applied to the spring semester and violations received during the summer are applied to the fall semester.)
  • Using a permit on a vehicle other than for which it was registered.
  • Falsifying an application, permit or obtaining a permit under false pretenses.
  • Failure to return a revoked permit to the Department of Public Safety

A revocation of parking privileges will normally be accompanied by a ban from driving the vehicle or any other vehicle on campus for the duration of the loss of privilege.

The Department of Public Safety will give written notice of such suspension, any other sanction and a deadline for returning the parking permit to Public Safety. A $100.00 fine will be assessed to the student’s account for failure to return the parking permit to the Department of Public Safety during the allotted time. An additional fine of $100.00 will be assessed to the student’s account for each additional parking violation received during the student’s parking revocation period.

The vehicle will also be subject to the additional expense of citation and/or towing at the owner’s/operator’s expense. The revocation period lasts for four academic weeks from the date that the parking permit is returned to the Department of Public Safety and will automatically reset with any additional violations received during the revocation period. At the conclusion of the revocation period, students will be required to apply for a new permit and will be subject to the permit application fee.

Should a traffic violation warrant additional sanctions, a report will be submitted to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards for a conduct hearing. Such violations include, but are not limited to: driving on sidewalks, grass or other non-roadways, speeding or reckless driving, traveling the wrong direction on a one way road, operating a vehicle in a manner that endangers others, and failure to obey other traffic control signs.

The posted speed limit on campus is 15 miles per hour. A ticket for a violation of excess speed may be issued to the student after the violation has occurred. The determination of excess speed is subject to the officer's reasonable discretion. An actual rate of travel is not required.

Traffic Violations

Public Safety officers are authorized, but not limited, to perform the following:

  • Ticket, tow or immobilize vehicles that violate these regulations.
  • Ticket, tow or immobilize vehicles based on information relayed by other officers.
  • Stop vehicles in violation of these regulations.  However, Public Safety Officers are not authorized to engage in vehicle pursuits.
  • Immobilize or take the keys to vehicles operated by persons endangering the welfare of others.
  • Immobilize or tow vehicles as requested by the Bristol or Portsmouth Police Departments.
  • Deny access to any non-registered guest.

Prior notice is not required to tow. The registered owner or driver assumes responsibility for all towing and/or storage fees. Fire lane parking violations or leaving a vehicle unattended in a fire zone for any length of time are violations subject to immediate towing.

All violations of this policy are subject to the following:

  • Ticketing and fines
  • Towing
  • Immobilization with a boot
  • Referral to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards
  • Additional fines and/or sanctions by the University.

Violation Fees

$30.00 Parking/Moving Violations
$100.00No Parking Permit
$80.00Boot Removal Fee
$100.00 Parking around Bayside Quad,  under the Arches or within the Quad itself
$100.00Parking in a Handicap Spot
$100.00 Revoked Privileges
$100.00Fire Lane

$100.00        Parking Ban

*Subject to change without notice

For safety and liability reasons, the Department of Public Safety do not jump start any vehicles.  It is the owner/operator's responsibility to arrange for such services.

Revenues collected for permit fees and parking violations are credited to a Parking Fund that contributes to the maintenance, improvements and additions to existing parking areas and the regulation of parking and traffic throughout campus.

Students, employees, and visitors park at Roger Williams University without any liability to the University. Roger Williams University assumes no responsibility or liability for fire, theft, damage to or loss of any automobile or any article left therein. Only permission to park is granted and no bailment is created.