Residence Halls

One of the most stunning aspects of our campus is that we’re located on the shores of Mt. Hope Bay. Well, our residence halls are no different! In fact, 42% of our rooms have a view of the bay. Once you soak up the view, you’ll find, however, that the best part of living on campus is the company you get to share with your friends and neighbors.

Our residence halls offer a variety of living options, including single rooms, doubles, triples, and even a few quads and quints. We also have a number of apartment and suite-style living arrangements. 

Below is a list of our residence halls:

Almeida Apartments

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Almeida is located two miles away from main campus and provides housing for returning students. Almeida consists of three large, separate buildings of traditional apartments and a series of units called the Flats and Townhouses. A free RWU shuttle transports students to campus to campus and to other stops around Bristol.

The Apartments include 10 one-bedroom apartments housing three residents and 12 two-bedroom apartments for four residents. Each apartment is carpeted, fully furnished and equipped with a living room, a kitchen with a full-sized electric stove/oven and refrigerator, dining room area and bathroom. There is a laundry facility on the first floor of each building.

The Flats contain 4 one-bedroom apartments, housing two residents each and equipped with full carpeting and furniture, a living room and kitchen with a full-sized electric stove/oven, refrigerator, dining area and a bathroom. There is a laundry facility located in 300 on the even side and in 301 on the odd side.

Townhouses are ten, furnished, two-story units with a common living room, kitchen, dining area, bathroom and two bedrooms. Each bedroom is furnished with a twin extra-long bed, desk, desk chair, and a bureau per person.  The apartments are fully carpeted with the exception of the bedrooms, which have hardwood floors. There is a washer and dryer inside each townhouse.

Click here for a more detailed shuttle schedule, which is a service the University offers to students free of charge!

Baypoint Inn and Conference Center

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The Baypoint Inn and Conference Center is located one mile over the Mt. Hope Bridge in Portsmouth and open to any returning student. Unique to Baypoint is each room has double-sized beds. All rooms are also carpeted, have individual heating and air conditioning controls and are equipped with data and cable TV ports. Each resident is provided one desk, one dresser and one built-in or movable closet. Each room has its own private bathroom, which is cleaned weekly by the custodial staff. A free RWU shuttle transports students to campus and to other stops around Bristol. A laundry facility is located on the second floor of the building.

Bayside Courts

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Bayside is an apartment-style residence hall for returning students. Apartments range from two to five residents. Each apartment is equipped with a kitchenette including electric range stove and full refrigerator, a dining/living area (complete with table and chairs), private storage area and private bathroom. Each apartment is also air conditioned, fully carpeted (except for the tile in the kitchen and bathroom) and has cable/data access. Custodial staff assist with the cleaning of the bathrooms twice a month. There is laundry facility located in each “U” of the Bayside courts.

Cedar Hall

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Cedar Hall is the only traditional-style residence hall on campus that houses first-year students exclusively. Rooms include singles, doubles, triples and quads. Cedar Hall also includes the South Campus Lounge, which is open to all RWU students and includes two billiards tables, a foosball and air hockey table, several vending machines, seven large screen TVs, a study room, and all-gender restrooms. Cedar Hall also has a basketball court in front of the building. There are also several laundry rooms in the building and common area microwaves.

Maple Hall

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Maple Hall is open to all students but primarily houses first-year students. With a common room in the middle, students are placed in a single or double room on either side of the unit. All rooms are equipped with a twin extra-long bed, desk, chair and wardrobe. Each Maple unit has four bathrooms and typically a common room microwave. There is one laundry room located in the basement of the 4/5 tower and another located in the basement of the 9/10/11 tower.

North Campus Residence Hall

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North Campus Residence Hall offers suites, apartments and traditional room options for returning students. The suites house six to ten students with single or double rooms. The apartments house three to six students in either single, double or triple rooms. Single-efficiency apartments are also available for students needing special accommodations. All spaces are furnished with ample seating and counter space. There is a laundry facility on each side of the 2nd floor and a convenience store and Dunkin Donuts on the 1st floor.

Stonewall Terrace

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Stonewall Terrace are four separate buildings, open to all RWU students in a suite style arrangement. Each building has three floors with four suites on each floor. Each suite contains a common lounge and common bathroom, is carpeted, fully air-conditioned.. A laundry room is located on the first floor of each building. Building 4 of Stonewall also houses the Roger Williams University Honors students and the Commuter Lounge.

Willow Hall

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Willow Hall is open to all students and offers beautiful views of the Bay and the Mount Hope Bridge in a standard unit or townhouse setting. Each unit and townhouse and the entire complex is both air-conditioned and completely wireless. Rooms have either two or three students and have a single bathroom with the capability of a locking door and additional stand-alone sinks outside the bathroom.

Standard units have three floors with two or three residents per room. Townhouses are two floors each and are traditionally reserved for returning students. There is also a recreation room with a pool table, fooseball, two TV's, and a laundry room.