Residence Halls

One of the most stunning aspects of our campus is that we’re located on the shores of Mt. Hope Bay. Well, our residence halls are no different! In fact, 42% of our rooms have a view of the bay. Once you soak up the view, you’ll find, however, that the best part of living on campus is the company you get to share with your friends and neighbors.

Our residence halls offer a variety of living options, including single rooms, doubles, triples, and even a few quads and quints. We also have a number of apartment and suite-style living arrangements. 

Below is a list of our residence halls:

Almeida Apartments

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Almeida is an “on-campus” residence hall with a twist: Almeida is located two miles away from the main campus and provides housing for returning students. Almeida consists of three large, separate buildings of three-and-four-person apartments, as well as two additional buildings called the Flats and Townhouses.

When you live in Almeida, you’re choosing an off-campus residential apartment-style environment. 


Baypoint Residence and Conference Center

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The Baypoint Residence and Conference Center is primarily RWU’s sophomore-specific living area and combines a hotel living experience with university housing. It is located one mile over the Mt. Hope Bridge in Portsmouth and open to any returning student.


Bayside Courts

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Bayside is an apartment-style residence hall for returning students. As the name suggests, Bayside is a great location by the water and offers residents easy access to a view of Mount Hope Bay and the shell path.


Cedar Hall

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If you’re an incoming student and you’re looking to live with other first-year students, then Cedar Hall is the place for you. Cedar Hall is the only traditional-style residence hall on campus and houses first-year students exclusively.


Maple Hall

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Centrally located, Maple is the ideal location for those who want to be right in the middle of the campus life. Maple Hall exclusively houses first year students.


North Campus Residence Hall

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Boasting a chic and trendy look and beautiful views of the Mt. Hope Bay and athletic fields, this 120,000 square-foot facility is our newest residence hall. North Campus Residence Hall offers suites, apartments and traditional room options for returning students.


Stonewall Terrace

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Stonewall, a south campus residence hall, is home to a mix of students from all years. It's also the home of our honors students. Stonewall Terrace are four separate buildings, open to all RWU students in a suite style arrangement.


Willow Hall

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A beautiful complex located just yards from Mount Hope Bay, Willow Hall offers some of the most stellar views of the Bay and the Mount Hope Bridge. Willow Hall is open to all students and offers beautiful views of the Bay and the Mount Hope Bridge in a standard unit or townhouse setting.