Health and Wellness Educators (HAWEs)

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"We as Health and Wellness Educators are students interested in promoting healthy lifestyles. We work together to educate the RWU community about alcohol & other drugs, safe sex, nutrition and general wellness."

We believe…

  • That health is an individual choice
  • That people can choose to make lifestyle changes
  • That motivation for change comes from within an individual

Our Motto is:

"Helping Others Help Themselves"

Apply to be a HAWE

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Apply to Become a H.A.W.E

  • Applications due by Friday, March 9, 2018
  • Selections made by Friday, March 23, 2018

Looking For a Job That Gives You

  • $1,100.00 per semester?
  • GREAT Leadership opportunities?
  • A chance to better your presentation skills?
  • A chance to be part of a team?
  • Skills needed in the professional world?
  • Chances to express yourself creatively through programming?

Well then, you should apply to become a Health And Wellness Educator (H.A.W.E.)!

Health and Wellness Educator (H.A.W.E.) Position Description

Job Summary: Under the direction of the Director of Health Education, HAWE's provide a range of planned ongoing educational activities consistent with the university’s mission. They develop and present university prevention campaigns and residence hall workshops with an emphasis on campus alcohol and drug issues. They are also trained in motivation interviewing and provide brief alcohol use interventions, as well as general coaching sessions for their peers. There are ten positions and individual HAWE's are assigned topic areas of expertise. These two person teams not only meet with the Director of Health Education, but have another supervisor that is a member of the Student Life staff.

The teams and supervisors are: 

  • Mental Health Team - Christopher Bailey, PHD., Interim Director for The Center for Counseling & Student Development
  • Sexuality Team - Donna Lynn Darmondy, Director of Health Education and Alcohol & Drug Prevention Coordinator for the Office of Student Life
  • Title IX - Dr. Jen Stanley, Title IX Coordinator-Associate Dean                                                                                                                  -Deborah Knapman, Psychological Counselor for The Center for Counseling & Student Development 
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs - Corey Brown, Coordinator of Residence Education for the Dept. of Residence Life & Housing 
  • General Health Team - Susan P. O'Brien, ANP, Adult Nurse Practitioner for Health Services 


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Attends fall, winter training.
  • Works cooperatively with other HAWE's.
  • Plans and organizes campus wellness campaigns on their assigned topic. 
  • Develops and presents residence hall and classroom workshops in their specialty area. 
  • Collects and analyses data on contacts, programs and student behaviors.
  • Creates educational brochures, handouts, ads, publicity releases, posters and bulletin boards.
  • Provides wellness coaching to students in the evening. 
  • Participates in self-evaluation and evaluation by the Director of Health Education.
  • Is knowlegable of and has the ability to write CAS learning objectives for each program.
  • Engages in strategic planning and program evaluation. 
  • Is familiar with national and RWU health behavior data and uses it to guide their strategic plan. 

Knowledge and Skill

  • Creative, energetic person with good listening skills
  • Ability to work independently as well as in a team
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Committed to self- development
  • Ability to give and receive constructive feedback
  • Is comfortable with public speaking and one-on-one interaction 
  • Is a role model for positive health behavior 

Meet the H.A.W.Es

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Donna Lynn Darmody M.S., C.W.P.
Director of Health Education/
Alcohol And Other Drug Abuse
Prevention Coordinator
T. 401 254-3413
F. 401 254-3305


mary-d.jpgMary Dinnean: 

Hi everyone! I am a senior Public Health and Psychology double major with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. I’m a second year HAWE from New Hartford CT and I live in Bayside. My favorite health topics include safer sex , contraception, and sexual violence prevention. I became a HAWE to teach others about healthy living in hopes of making our campus community safer and healthier. Currently, I am the designated Sexual Health HAWE. As the Sexual Health HAWE, I help to create all the sexual health tables, posters, and workshops you will see around campus this year!  In the future I hope to get my master’s degree in public health with a specialization in reproductive health.

alissa-a.jpgAlissa Assad:

Hi there, I am a Junior, Psychology major with a minor in Spanish. My hometown is New Milford, Connecticut and I like to spend most of time with close friends, having great conversations, and making new memories.  I joined the Health and Wellness Educators in order to make this campus a  better environment for all of us. I am especially interested in making students aware of the resources available to them. I want other students to feel comfortable coming to me with any questions and concerns, or even just to talk!

kayla-d.jpgKayla Devin:

Hi! My name is Kayla, and I’m a junior Psychology and Marketing double major with a minor in Spanish. I am from Ellicott City, Maryland, and am living in Bayside this school year. Some of my favorite health and wellness topics are contraception and STI prevention, but I am also passionate about establishing a personal balance across all facets of life to help foster general well-being. This year I am excited to be working closely with Title IX to help ensure that all students are aware of consent, bystander intervention, and the resources that are available on campus.

hannah-v.jpgHannah Verre:

Hi! My name is Hannah Verre, and I am a sophomore at Roger Williams University. I am majoring in music and minoring in educational studies in hopes of becoming a music teacher. I am just a small town girl from Pepperell, MA, but that does not stop me from wanting to expand my horizons and take on new challenges and opportunities! I am thrilled to be a HAWE for my first year! Because I am so passionate about mental health, I will be focusing on mental health topics and spreading awareness to people about the importance of them. I became a HAWE because I love helping others and want to make the world a better place. I can’t wait to help students learn about the importance of mental health and other health and wellness related issues, live their best lives, and seek happiness!

diana-p.jpgDiana Perez:

Hey! My name is Diana, I am a senior, Criminal Justice and Psychology Double major. I am from North Providence, Rhode Island. I love to play/ watch sports, hang out with friends, being outside, having a nice night in, or any type of adventure!


jacob-g.jpgJacob Gansert:

I am a Senior and a double major in History and Political Science, currently living in Bayside. My hometown is Scituate Rhode Island. This is my second year in the HAWE program and I became a HAWE to help teach others and encourage them  to live healthy lifestyles. I am passionate about mental health and dating violence prevention. Outside of school and the HAWE program, I am very interested in hiking, soccer, and basketball. My goal in life is to help others and make a difference in people's lives.