Interested in Tutoring?

Tutors are hired in one of three ways:

  • At the end of each semester, instructors submit recommendations for high achieving students in the area of writing. Writing tutors must maintain a B average in their Writing coursework.
  • Students are recruited from freshman orientation based on their high school record.
  • Students apply on their own because they have a desire to be a writing tutor and have proven they can succeed in their Writing courses.

Students should apply to the Writing Center Coordinator, Karen Bilotti, in the Tutoring Center located on the second floor of the University Library. The phone number is (401) 254-3219 (Department Administrative Assistant) or (401) 254-3630 (Karen Bilotti). Students may also email Karen Bilotti at

Writing Tutor Job Description

Writing Tutors will:

  • Provide consistently high quality assistance to all students who request writing tutoring.
  • Uphold those high standards by succeeding in their own educational programs.
  • Participate fully in the tutor education program by reading the assigned professional journal articles, attending and engaging in all tutor education meetings, discussing the pedagogical and practical challenges and inspirations of daily tutoring in a professional manner with fellow tutors and the Writing Center Coordinator, and staying current with new approaches and practices.
  • Behave in a professional manner. Whether in the classroom or in the Center, tutors will always respect the authority and expertise of the instructor and the right of the student to learn in an academically enriched, positive environment.
  • Maintain regular attendance, as scheduled, in the Writing Center.
  • Assist in office duties as requested within the Tutoring Center.
  • Respect the confidentiality and academic needs of all students who use the services of the Tutoring Center.