Advising & Registration for New Students

New Students for Fall 2020: Preparing for Class Advising & Registration

We are so glad you have made the choice to join us at RWU. Welcome to our community of active and engaged learners! The following information will help you prepare to meet with members of our community in July to select your fall 2020 courses.   

In order to register for your fall courses, you will first sign up for an advising appointment during which you will meet with a faculty advisor and a small group of other new students. This will give you the opportunity to get to know the faculty member as well as some of your new classmates. You will discuss general information and requirements in the group meeting, and will also be able to speak privately with the faculty member about any specific concerns or needs you have. Below are the steps for you to complete your July registration:

  1. Register for a day and time with a faculty member. You will receive an email during the week of July 6 with the invitation with registration instructions.
  2. Complete the survey (sent to you via email) prior to your appointment to assist your faculty member in your advising discussion.
  3. After you register for a day and time, the Orientation team will send you a Zoom link. You will need to be at a computer with a camera to complete the   registration process.
  4. At the conclusion of the virtual meeting, you will go onto Roger Central and register for your courses.

We would like your advising meeting to be a conversation, so please be an active participant, share your hopes and goals, and ask questions! This will all be easier if you prepare ahead of time. Please be sure to complete the Class Selection Survey sent to you via your RWU email. Completing this survey will help us guide you in selecting the courses you are most interested in and meeting requirements, and will help you feel confident for your first semester at RWU. You might also find it useful to look at the list of prepared questions and discussion items that we have prepared for you and bring them with you to the meeting.  

This checklist of items to do before your meeting will also help you go into the meeting feeling prepared: 

  1. Get to know your intended major(s) and the required courses. If you have decided on a major, go to the RWU website and visit the pages for your major. Many majors will list requirements or direct you to the University Catalog for more information. The University Catalog will also allow you to read descriptions for any required courses. Once you’re feeling acquainted with major requirements, log in to Roger Central and look at the requirements for your major under the Progress Tab. If you are undecided/exploring, look through the requirements for majors you might be interested in or go to the department’s web page to get an understanding of the requirements to graduate. Our Deans and faculty have created videos which you will find helpful in learning more about your academic program. If you are Undecided, these videos can help as you explore different academic options.

  2. Get to know the Core Curriculum. Review the information on the Core Curriculum. Specifically, you will want to look at the Core Competency Courses (Math & Writing) and the Five-Course Interdisciplinary Core courses as you all will be taking some of these courses in your first semester. Think about which Core (Core 101-105) you would like to start with for the fall semester. You can read about the courses and the instructors who teach them here

  3. Start drafting a course schedule. Begin to put together a draft schedule by logging in to Roger Central and working with the Progress and Course Plan tabs. Keep in mind your personal strengths and weaknesses to prepare a balanced schedule. Think about what times you would prefer for your classes—but know that you always need to have a back-up plan should those classed be full. If you are a commuter, plan a schedule that takes your travel time into account. If you are an athlete, be sure to know when you are expected to be out of class for practice/games. If you will be working, be sure to allow time to get in the number of hours you need to. Be sure to let the faculty member working with you know whether you will need your schedule to be flexible for any of these reasons.  

  4. Make a course wish list. Look through the offerings of courses for the fall semester and make a list of the courses you might be interested in taking after looking at the requirements. Generally, you will want to look at classes in the 100 level.  Ask the faculty advisor you will talk with about the courses for your major. 

  5. Communicate about potential transfer credit. If you took AP or IB exams, or any college-level classes, be sure to mention them. We will not receive AP scores until some point in July and we may not yet have your official scores or transcript from a course you took. But, we can advise you to not take a course that you might end up receiving credit for. Please be sure you requested to have the AP or IB score reported to RWU. If you took a college course, please make sure we receive an official college transcript.

Questions and Discussion Items for Advisement: 

  • What are the requirements for my major or the majors I am considering? 

  • What are the options for earning credit through courses and hands-on opportunities for fall 2020? (visit the Learn, Work, Serve page for more information) 

  • Consider whether your plan for the fall is to take a full-time schedule in Bristol or to be part time. 

  • Consider whether your plan is to take in-person or remote courses for the fall 2020 semester. 

  • Should I be taking certain courses in a sequence?  Are there prerequisites for certain courses that I should keep in mind?  Are there certain courses I need to take in the fall because they are not offered in spring? 

  • Make a list of the academic areas that interest you.   

  • Make a list or mental note of the courses that were your strength in high school/secondary school.

  • Make a list or mental note of the courses that were a challenge for you in high school/secondary school. 

  • Can you tell me about the Core Concentration?  If I will be taking an elective this fall, how might this work with a Core Concentration?  

  • What if I am undecided or still unsure about my major—what can I take?  Do you have recommendations to help me explore my options? 

  • If I would like to study abroad in the future, is there anything I should keep in mind in planning what I take? 

Beyond Orientation: 

Every student at RWU is assigned a faculty advisor whose job it is to help guide you in your academic planning.  They are available as a resource for you and we strongly encourage you to get to know them. You will be required to meet with them at least once a semester during the advisement period to discuss your registration plans before you register.  Your faculty advisor is assigned according to your major. If you are an exploring/undecided student, you will be assigned a faculty advisor who works specifically with exploring students. Once you decide on a major, you will be re-assigned a faculty advisor for your newly declared major. Exploring students will also be assigned a professional advisor in the Advising Office (part of RWU’s Center for Student Academic Success) who can assist you with the process of exploring majors.