Student Success Workshop Series - Schedule of Events for Spring 2023

The Advising & Peer Mentorship is hosting a series of Academic Success Workshops, both live and on demand. See above or below for the Spring 2023 schedule of events.


1st 'Getting Involved' Workshop

16th 'Creating Good Habits' Workshop
(Workshop 6:30-7pm, DIY Agenda 7-8pm)


1st 'Midterm Prep' Workshop

23rd 'Overcoming Obstacles with Others: Communication Skills for Success' Workshop
(Workshop 6:30-7pm, Paint Night 7-8pm)


5th 'Roger Central/How to Register' Workshop

20th 'Dealing with Burnout; Balancing your Mental Health, Social Life and Academics' Workshop
(Workshop 6:30-7pm, Stress-Free DIY Slime Project 7-8pm)


3rd 'Finals Prep' Workshop

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On Demand Workshop Series!

These fast and easy to watch videos are provided for your convenience. We have identified various topics that all students can benefit from learning more about. We highly encourage you to refer to the on-demand workshops as you learn more about yourself as a student and life long learner. If you would like to discuss any of these subjects 1:1 with a Professional Advisor, we would be happy to meet with you! 

Contact Valerie Wolstenholme, with questions about any of the topics below:

Test Anxiety Management

Learn how to overcome test anxiety by understanding what is happening to your body, prevention methods, and ways to cope in the moment. 


How to Be an Effective Online Learner

Recognize the positive aspects of distant learning and be successful in your online courses by incorporating these tips and tricks. 


How to Study and Read Effectively

Enhance your studying and reading skills by thinking more about good choices and the importance of reading effectively. 


Discover Your Learning Style

Learn more about learning styles and discover what works best for you. 


 Time Management, Study Skills, and Organization

A successful student understands the importance of recognizing time management, organization, and study skills. Everyone approaches these topics differently. Think about what works best for you while listening to these awesome ideas and strategies.

Embedded Video (Responsive).

Exam Study Prep

Studying effectively and efficiently for the big exam can sometimes feel intimidating! Watch for some great advice on how to get started.

Embedded Video (Responsive).

How to Navigate Roger Central 

Learn important tips and tricks for your advising appointment and how to navigate your Roger Central account to plan and register for courses.