Industrial Engineering in Hong Kong

Madison Guitard and colleague
Madison Guitard '20 (left) at lululemon in Hong Kong

Madison Guitard, RWU Class of 2020

Major:  Engineering

Madison Guitard ’20 is making packaging more efficient and sustainable as an Industrial Engineer at lululemon. 

Guitard got her foot in the door at lululemon during the summer of her Sophomore year, interning for the company’s Hong Kong office. 

“I have a strong interest in math, optimization, and business, and industrial engineering is the grouping of all of those together. When I went to Hong Kong, a lot of the people I was working with were industrial engineers, so that sealed the deal for me,” said Guitard. 

Realizing her passion for industrial engineering, Guitard worked with her advisors and professors to customize an industrial engineering specialization for her major. 

“There are the four specializations in engineering: mechanical, electrical, civil, and computer. There’s a fifth option which is custom, so that is the route I went,” said Guitard. “I looked at other industrial engineering programs around the country, saw the classes they require their students to take, and found similar ones at Roger. Some were in the engineering department, some were in business, and some were in sustainability. I was able to piece it all together.”

Guitard’s strong relationships with her professors helped her achieve her goals. 

“I had a lot of help from the math department, in particular Dr. Warnapala and Dr. Dougherty. On the engineering side I had my direct advisor and a panel who helped me decide on my courses: Dr. Baldwin, Dr. Thomas, and Dr. Palm,” said Guitard. “My relationships within the department ultimately helped me come up with the industrial engineering specialization. With all the support I received I knew I was going to make it work.” 

Guitard’s current job was supposed to be based in Hong Kong, but she is working from the Columbus, Ohio office until travel is advisable due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While she is happy to work for lululemon in Ohio, Guitard can’t wait to go back to Hong Kong.

“Hong Kong is such a unique place because it’s so international and metropolitan, and you are so close to the ocean. Going to Roger Williams, I am very passionate about the ocean," she said. "It’s definitely a city that never sleeps. There is always something going on."