Q&A with Kyle Harvill: An RWU Summer

Headshot of Kyle H.

Kyle Harvill, RWU Class of 2019

Major:  Political Science

Rising senior Kyle Harvill is spending his summer living in RWU’s Bayside residence hall as he interns at the Naval War College in Newport and works for Information Technology in the library.

He took a minute recently to reflect on his internship and RWU in the summer:

What drew you to interning at the Naval War College in Newport?

Just the location and the actual work itself. It's the same research heavy work I’ve been doing with the political science program and because a professor introduced the idea and helped me secure it. It really felt like it was what I needed to do for the work experience.

Can you describe a typical day at the Naval War College?

As a research assistant, I am on base, finding statistics, researching information such as trying to get information about the successes and failures of the United States in Afghanistan.

Kyle H. by the water
Kyle Harvill spends some of his free time in between his internship and work-study job enjoying the perks of living on a campus by the bay over the summer.

How about at RWU? Are you living on campus?

I am living on campus, actually. I’m in the Bayside Courts residence hall, close to the water. A lot of times me and my friends hang out in the quad space there by the grills.

Over the summer, I am working for IT in the library as a work-study job. I’m also going to be taking a political science course about the Trump Presidency during the second summer session. It’s all happening right now, so the class is really modern-day stuff – very cutting-edge.


Kyle H. by the shellpath
Kyle Harvill walks the RWU shell path often in his spare time.

What are you doing in your free time during the summer here?

I go to the gym and hang out with my friends both on campus and off. We hang out by the water, walk the shell path, go to the beach and into town. Spending the afternoon in Colt State Park playing frisbee or having a picnic with friends – or having lunch at the Beehive Cafe – is the perfect way to spend a summer day here.

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