Hands-On Learning

Alyssa Foerster
Alyssa Foerster '23

Alyssa Foerster, RWU Class of 2023

Major:  Construction Management

"When I was looking for a university to attend, I was looking for a place that had the program I wanted, offered many opportunities to get involved, and had small class sizes. I wanted to be able to connect with my professors and be able to get involved. RWU offered all of these which was a key aspect of my decision to go here. Accepted Students Day played a key role in my decision to go to RWU. I was able to meet and talk to professors, Deans, and current students.

When I came on tour, I initially came for Architecture. As the tour progressed, I found out about Construction Management and the many opportunities the program offered. The Construction Management program offered hands-on experiential learning which really got me interested. I am a hands-on learner and being able to incorporate that into my education strengthened my ability to understand concepts and ideas. Instead of learning about concrete mix designs in just the classroom, I am able to go to the lab and actually create the concrete and really look at the properties.

The best part of attending RWU would have to be the ability to make friends and meet new people easily. Coming from PA was a big change for me. I knew absolutely nothing about Rhode Island and knew no one from New England. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find friends or get to know new people. The minute I stepped foot on campus as a freshman, I was instantly greeted by warm and friendly people.

My favorite thing to do in Bristol is riding my longboard down the East Bay Bike to Colt State Park. I love taking pictures of the park and all the beautiful places along the way. After a long ride into the sunset, I like to stop at the local restaurants to grab a bite to eat."