Construction Management Grad Well Prepared for California Career

Picture of Julia Pateman

Julia Pateman, RWU Class of 2021

Major:  Construction Management
Minors:  Business + Sustainability Studies

What is your major? Construction Management

What is your minor? Business & Sustainability Studies

What is your core concentration? Sustainability Studies

What internships have you had? Throughout the past four years at RWU I have had six three-month internships over summer and winter breaks. During my freshman and sophomore years I worked for Turner Construction (New York City), Shawmut Design & Construction (Rhode Island), and Kiewit Corporation (Nebraska). The summer after my junior year I had my first internship with Hensel Phelps Construction (Washington D.C.). Since then, I interned with HP in Los Angeles and returned to the job in D.C. part-time while I finish my senior year.

What major projects have you been a part of?Memorial Sloan Kettering Center for Cancer Care (1.2 Billion), SEECM Labs Building (12 Million), Purple Line Operation and Maintenance (250 Million), Douglas County Juvenile Center (130 Million), Kaiser Permanente Medical Office Building (60 Million), Airport Metro Connector (20 Million).

Have you been a part of any competitions? Yes, I was the estimator on the Design-Build Competition my junior year. It was really great to compete with other students equally as passionate about construction, and it was rewarding to get first place after all our hard work.

What are your post-graduation goals? I will be starting with Hensel Phelps Construction in Southern California as a Field Engineer. I am hoping to be on a large-scale project in Los Angeles. While I have plenty of time to figure it out, I see myself on the field track to eventually become a Project Superintendent.

Favorite course: PM and safety; first class was able to work in groups and I liked getting comfortable with presenting

Extra-curricular activities: Worked part time, RA, CPC

Why did you choose RWU CM? When I came to tour as a HS junior I visited the CNST 200 lab and loved the hands on aspect