Not Defined By The Narrative

Student International Ambassadors confront stereotypes with film project as part of International Education Week

Not Defined By The Narrative Poster
By Justin Wilder

BRISTOL, R.I. – Moving to a new country has many inherent challenges; new customs, an unfamiliar language and a different community of people. What can often make these challenges even more difficult are the misconceptions and prejudices that dominate the media’s narrative and influence our perceptions.

A group of International Ambassadors at Roger Williams University are challenging those stereotypes with their short film “Not Defined By The Narrative,” which premiered on Monday as the first event of International Education Week.

“This video aims to reveal a different side of the story by interviewing insiders of nations around the world and capturing their reactions and perspectives to various stereotypes about their countries,” said Anne Sinclair Imondo, a junior Architecture major from Rwanda.

[Video produced and edited by Andrew Kirschenbaum '21]

“We did this video, because all these stereotypes tend to generalize cultures,” said Miranda Rojas, a junior International Relations major from Costa Rica. “Stereotypes don’t define us. They don’t define our culture. Everyone has their own story.”

Roger Williams University is a community that values inclusivity as a core principal. It’s important that we question our subconscious biases and prejudices, to see people as individuals, not just a stereotype.

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