RWU Celebrates Dedication of Cummings School of Architecture and Launch of Cummings Institute for Real Estate

Official dedication and naming ceremony honors the $20 million partnership and launch of a Real Estate program through the new Cummings Institute

By Jill Rodrigues '05
Bill and Joyce Cummings and RWU leaders next to the new Cummings School of Architecture sign

BRISTOL, R.I. – Roger Williams University welcomed Cummings Foundation to its Bristol campus on June 3 for a dedication and naming ceremony of the Cummings School of Architecture and Cummings Institute for Real Estate, which will be launching the first part of the university’s new interdisciplinary Real Estate program this fall.  

The university-wide event formally celebrated the $20 million partnership between RWU and Cummings Foundation and honored Massachusetts philanthropists Bill and Joyce Cummings for their commitment to future generations of RWU graduates who will become leaders in sustainable and equitable design and development at the intersection of the built and natural environments. This partnership comes as RWU marks the 35th anniversary of its distinguished architecture school, which boasts a nationally accredited Master of Architecture and the oldest Historic Preservation program in the United States, as well as the new Real Estate program

The June 3 official unveiling of the rededicated Cummings School of Architecture and introduction of the new Cummings Institute for Real Estate recognized Bill Cummings’ distinguished career as a real estate entrepreneur and founder of the North Shore’s leading firm, Cummings Properties. 

“Roger Williams is thrilled to partner with Cummings Foundation as we grow and add a new depth and breadth of programming with the launch of the Cummings Institute for Real Estate through our newly dedicated Cummings School of Architecture,” said RWU President Ioannis N. Miaoulis. “Bill’s legacy as a real estate entrepreneur will serve to inspire our students and support many future generations who will design and care for the built environment of tomorrow. Our students embody the entrepreneurial spirit and passion for leadership through the impact they make in their careers and within their communities that Bill and Joyce have exemplified throughout their lives.” 

Along with its existing world-class programs in Architecture, Historic Preservation, and Urban and Regional Planning, the new interdisciplinary Real Estate program at the Cummings School will bring together programs and courses from the fields of architecture, business, law, planning, community development, construction management, and engineering, as well as the social and natural sciences, humanities, and justice studies. RWU will launch a Graduate Certificate in Real Estate this fall, with undergraduate and graduate degree programs planned for Fall 2023. 

RWU’s goal is to prepare students with a broad knowledge of the natural and built environments, along with real estate-oriented skills, that will advance the development of resilient and sustainable communities with good homes, healthy environments, vibrant economies, and justice for everyone, so that our graduates pursue rewarding careers while helping to create a better world. RWU will also provide thought leadership in the built environment for colleagues and industry leaders around the world through opportunities such as an inaugural Real Estate symposium taking place in 2023.