'Nature Isn't Canceled': Marine and Natural Science Professors' Video Message for Students

We Miss You: A video message created by professors of Biology and Marine Biology gives a glimpse into their home lives, reminds students of the possibilities that remain outside the classroom

By Julia Rubin
Person crouching in mud.
Professor of Biology David Taylor

Whether they're hanging out with alpacas, algae or denim-clad family members, professors of Biology, Marine Biology and Environmental Science want students to know, "We miss you!" 

The professors sent video greetings to students from their homes, reminding them of the good times they've had on campus, and saying they cannot wait to be back together in the lab.

In the meantime, Professor of Biology and Environmental Science Loren Byrne reminds us, "Nature is not canceled. Learning about nature is not canceled, and now is a great time to focus on our studies of biology and environmental science." 

Associate Professor of Biology, Marine, Biology, & Environmental Science Koty Sharp shared her vision for this project at a department meeting, and faculty jumped into action, sending in their heartwarming greetings. 

"It was pretty fun to organize it remotely and to watch each message pour in on my phone or computer," Sharp said. "That may have been the best part – that for about a week, I was receiving these cheery messages from my colleagues. It was truly a highlight in what has been a bit of a chaotic and stressful time."

Sharp hopes the video has a similar effect on students.

"We are a very tight community, and now more than ever, it’s so important to get reminders of that from one another," Sharp said. I loved seeing a personalized greeting from each of my colleagues – it is my hope that our students felt the same lift that I did from seeing all of these messages. Feeling very grateful to work in a place with such thoughtful colleagues."

The video message is a way to remind students what BMES at Roger is all about. 

"What it really comes down to is that we love working with students and we miss them," said Professor of Biology Brian Wysor. "I think the day to day, one-on-one interactions are a large part of why we chose to pursue a career in higher education at a place like Roger Williams University."