Highlights from the Arrival of the Class of 2022

From Freshmen move-in to convocation to the first days of classes, see how the RWU class of 2022 kicked off their year

Class of 2022
The class of 2022 makes its way to convocation on Saturday, August 25, 2018.
By Juan Siliezar

BRISTOL, R.I. –  The start of the academic year brings with it the start of the college experience for first-year students around the country. At RWU that's no different. The RWU Class of 2022 arrived to mark the start of their four-year journey at RWU just last week but they've already made their stamp on our community and in the state. Take a look at how this year's wave of freshmen kicked off their year in the photo gallery below:

Class of 2022 Kickoff