At First Ever Star Field Flashlight Exhibition, Expect the Unexpected   

On Sunday May 5, RWU artists of all types will showcase their work at the WaterFire Arts Center, in the first-ever Star Field Flashlight Exhibition.

Julia Rubin
Student writes on a mirror.
Caitlin Tavares '22 writes on a mirror, "what do you want to change about yourself?" This is one of many thought-provoking questions in the interactive sculpture piece that will be performed at the Star Field Flashlight exhibition.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The WaterFire Arts Center will be completely dark, save for the glow of the art.

On the evening of Sunday, May 5, students and alumni across multiple creative disciplines, including visual art, dance, design, music, creative writing, and web development, will showcase their work in RWU’s first ever Star Field Flashlight Exhibition.  

“This is one of the finest arts spaces in the city and will give students the opportunity to have a real, authentic exhibition in a high caliber gallery,” said Associate Professor and Star Field Flashlight organizer Murray McMillan.   

Those participating in this unique exhibition will gain the professional experience of networking with artists of all different skillsets, planning and curating their own show, and presenting powerful work to the public. 

“I’m only 20 and I’m being handed this chance to showcase what I love to do,” said Leia Stone, sophomore visual art studies major, who will be presenting a digital media project. “This is something everyone is working on together and we get to celebrate the achievement that we’ve made something."   

Much of the work featured will be interactive, such as the piece that Associate Professor of Art Elizabeth Duffy’s sculpture class has created. 

Freshman graphic design communications major Caitlin Tavares is one of the choreographers of this sculpture performance piece involving mirrors. Tavares said this piece is sure to provoke thought.     

“I hope that people get inspiration for other ideas and see how powerful art can be,” Tavares said. “All art can make a difference in some way, even if it just inspires a little spark in us.”  

The mirror performance is just one of countless engaging, exciting, and impactful artistic displays audience members will see at Star Field Flashlight. From film to poetry to video games, the exhibition will keep people on their toes.  

“Every audience member will have a complete different ride,” says McMillan. “You’re going to see something from across the room and want to get in on that and then something is going to happen right next to you that you didn’t expect. The audience will be delighted to see exactly what unfolds in front of them.” 

Star Field Flashlight will be held at the WaterFire Arts Center on 475 Valley St., Providence on Sunday, May 5, 7:00 P.M to 9:00 P.M.  

Snapshots from Starfield Flashlight