Resources for Students and Alumni


  • To provide you, the student, an opportunity to become familiar with auditioning/interviewing procedure.
  • To gain confidence in the audition/interview process.
  • To develop and hone your auditioning/interviewing skills.
  • To provide the faculty an opportunity to observe and aid your growth and development as artists in your field.

All Theatre majors/minors/core concentrators are required to participate in Mocks. Those who do not may be denied consideration for awards, scholarships, and/or other honors and opportunities.

Mock Auditions

Requirements for Freshmen
  • Resume
  • 1 monologue
  • 1 song if you have had, or are in, Musical Theatre Workshop
Requirements for Sophomores
  • Resume
  • 2 contrasting monologues
  • 1 song if you have had, or are in, Musical Theatre Workshop
Requirements for Juniors
  • Resume
  • 1 classical monologue
  • 1 modern monologue
  • 1 song
Requirements for Seniors
  • Resume
  • 1 classical monologue
  • 1 contrasting modern monologue
  • 1 song

Time: Please limit your presentation to a maximum of 4 minutes total for monologues and 32 bars of a song.

  • Introduce yourself and the pieces.
  • Perform the pieces.
  • Say "thank you" when finished.
  • Remain in place to receive feedback from the auditors.
  • Choose selections you believe you can successfully perform, including roles in which you could be cast, in a professional setting (e.g.., appropriate age range).
  • Avoid selections you have already performed in production.
  • Monologues and songs featuring characters pursuing actions, rather than telling stories, are usually stronger.
  • Do not require the auditors to "participate" as an audience might via eye contact or any kind of response during the performance part of the audition.

Suggested sources for more information:

  • Backstage
  • Bay Area Educational Theater Company

Mock Directing/Design Interview

Positions Available
  1. Director
  2. Designer (Scenic, Lighting, Costumes, Makeup, Sound)
  1. Resume
  2. Portfolio (examples of previous work)
  3. Concept & Production ideas for Spring 2019: The Importance of Being Earnest, by Oscar Wilde. Students can access a script here.

(Directors and designers should include examples of research, such as a morgue of images or collection of sounds/music. Designers should include appropriate examples: scenic designers should have a model and/or rendering, costume designer should have sketches, renderings, and fabric swatches; lighting designers should have a plot; makeup designers should have renderings/sketches, sound designers should have audio samples.)

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Discuss your analysis of the play (themes, messages, ideas, conflict, main action, style, world of the play). Designers should focus on their particular areas in greater depth and know practical requirements and consider aesthetic qualities of expression (e.g., costume and makeup designers should carefully analyze characters, scenic and lighting designers should carefully analyze visual requirements, sound designers should know required effects).
  • Describe your concept (central metaphor, style, and, if applicable, change of period) and justify it based on your analysis. Directors should discuss possible audience interpretations.
  • Describe how the production or the particular design element will reflect your conceptual ideas. Be sure to use the appropriate vocabulary (e.g., costume designers discuss silhouette, color, texture, etc.; scenic designers discuss line, mass, composition, color, etc.; lighting designers discuss direction, intensity, color, emphasis, movement, etc.) and effective examples (e.g., costume/makeup sketches, a model, audio samples, fabric swatches, a morgue).
  • Be prepared to answer questions about your knowledge of the play and justification for your ideas.
  • Remain to receive feedback from the auditors.

Dress Requirements: Please remember that you are practicing applying for a job.
Seek faculty assistance and advice.


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