Samsung Design Studio

Thanks to a partnership with Samsung Electronics America, Inc. begun in 2013, Roger Williams University is on the leading edge of screen technology, and provides a virtual desktop infrastructure (also known as the rCloud) that provides support for all students that exceeds the reach and quality offered currently in most academic and professional settings.

Each of the 375 studio workstations (100 graduate, 275 undergraduate studio desks) in the School in outfitted with a 27-inch Samsung LED monitor, enabling students to have wired access to computing at their desks, complementing traditional studio culture via the rCloud VDI infrastructure, all students are provided with anytime access to the latest versions of software and advanced applications (including AutoCAD, Revit, Rhino, Maya, Adobe Creative Suite, among many others) at no additional cost, greatly improving design time and cohesion during group work. In addition, 65-inch Samsung interactive whiteboards are located in many meeting areas, with six of these available for students at any time in collaboration spaces throughout the building, yielding increased interaction among students and faculty, and the highest quality collaborative and presentation technology. The rCloud is available from remote locations via wireless access.