Health Education Program

Mission Statement

The Director of Health Education/Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Coordinator and the Student Health and Wellness Educators (HAWEs) work together to provide education and support to Roger Williams University students in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We strive to motivate individuals to develop the physical, mental, social, intellectual and spiritual dimensions of self and make choices toward a more successful and healthier existence.

Director of Health Education & Alcohol/Drug Prevention Coordinator
Donna Lynn Darmody MS

Student Health and Wellness Educators (H.A.W.E.s)
There are 10 stipend positions for students to work out of the Health Education Office under the supervision of Donna Darmody. Students from all majors will find it a valuable experience that translates into many job skills.

Ten Things to Know

  1. The Health Education Office is open to everyone on campus
  2. Free alcohol and drug use assessments are available even if you haven't been sanctioned for one
  3. If we can't help you we can point you in the right direction
  4. If you are feeling 'stuck' in trying to make a change we can provide a wellness coaching session
  5. It is a great resource for students doing reports or speeches on a health topic
  6. HAWE’s and Donna offer a range of programs and services including:
    • Workshops and presentations
    • Individual consultations
    • Smoking Cessation education and support
    • Resource Library
    • Condoms free of charge from HAWEs in residence hall
  7. The Health Education Office is a research site for Brown University's School of Addiction Studies
  8. All visits and counseling sessions are kept strictly confidential


National Outstanding Peer Education Group 2009

Outstanding Peer Educator- Renee Bilotti 2009

Outstanding Peer Educator - Hannah Freedman 2010