Urban Studies

For the first time in human history, the majority of people on earth live in urban settings. RWU’s multidisciplinary Urban Studies program immerses you in studying the unique culture and dynamics of cities through subjects such as sociology, political science and architecture. You’ll learn how city dwellers live, behave and face persistent problems, which can inform a wide variety of careers including social and community service, education, public policy, historic preservation and law.

The Minor and Core Concentration in Urban Studies offers students from both the Liberal Arts and the Professional Schools a multi-disciplinary perspective on one of humankind’s most important achievements. Urban Studies seeks to illuminate the enormous potential and persistent problems of urban life. Ours is an urban century. Urban populations are now in the majority for the first time in human history and the rapid urbanization of India and China will likely accelerate this trend. An understanding of “Globalization” also relies on an understanding of the role of “Global Cities” and their relation to the legacy of great cities throughout history. Urban Studies complements many existing majors and can also lead to graduate study in a range of related fields.