Honors Program Application For Current Students

Personal Information
Academic Information
To date, I have enrolled in the following CORE classes (check all that apply)
COURSE SUFFIX              COURSE  NUMBER         CREDITS                 DAY/TIME
PSYCH                                          280                                         3                      MWF 1-1:50
Essay Requirement
Essay 1 (100-150 word max);  The Roger Williams University Honors program uniquely prepares students to be Citizen-Scholars.  We will be carefully selecting students who we believe are the best fit for our program.   Please explain why you are an ideal candidate for the RWU Honors program.
Essay 2 (250 word max) As a University, we are proud to be named after Roger Williams, a man ahead of his time for his belief in equality, freedom of religion and separation of church and state.  Over the course of his lifetime, he earned many monikers including: rebel, mentor, scholar, visionary and more.   Choosing from the monikers on our Pay Attention to Roger page, what moniker best describes you and why?   In your response, be sure to describe in detail at least one specific example from your life.
Faculty References
Please list the names of two RWU faculty who can serve as references.  The faculty chosen should have a permanent office/phone extension at the university and should be familiar with your academic performance, research abilities, community engagement, and/or leadership potential.  The committee will contact the faculty following review of your application.
I certify that I am currently a student in good standing at Roger Williams University. To my knowledge, all of the information contained in this application is correct.
My application is not complete until my gpa from the current/most recent semester has been released and reviewed by the committee. If I am accepted into the University Honors Program, changes may need to be made to my academic schedule to facilitate my completion of the program requirements.