Project Manager

A headshot of alumni Jim Kelley
Jim Kelley '16

Jim Kelley, RWU Class of 2016

Major:  Management

At Roger Williams, learning about leadership can happen both in the classroom and around campus. Take recent graduate Jim Kelley who says his experience as President of the Class of 2016, along with his Business Management degree, helped give him the skills that he is already putting to good use.

Kelly is a account executive at Cambridge Computer in Massachusetts where he takes on a range of responsibilities. They vary from providing project support, doing market research and working on a number of special projects, such as analyzing data, calculating return on investment and coordinating tradeshows and events. His ability to handle multiple projects at the same time and not miss anything has been instrumental in his role, Kelley says. His success comes largely in part because he was able to have those similar kinds of experiences as class president – managing projects, events, his cabinet, and corresponding with fellow classmates – Kelley says. Recently, his his role at Cambridge Computer expanded to take on even more responsibility.

RWU has over 75 clubs or organizations on campus. That means there are over 75 opportunities for students to get involved and gain skills that, taken in combination with the many other real-world skills and experiences they gain at RWU, could help distinguish them to future employers.