Prepared for a Career in Water Quality

Headshot of Sean Nugent

Sean Nugent, RWU Class of 2020

Major:  Environmental Science
Minors:  Mathematics + Political Science

Sean Nugent '20 developed an interest in water quality while studying environmental science at RWU. Now, Nugent works as a Water Quality Specialist at SafeWell, a Massachusetts-based water testing, treatment, and monitoring company.

He learned skills he uses on the job, such as sampling water and using professional methods to test its quality, while participating in undergraduate research at RWU.  

Nugent approached Professor of Chemistry Stephen O’Shea in search of research opportunities, and worked in O’Shea’s lab from his second semester of Junior year through graduation. 

“I learned a lot from [Professor O’Shea,]” said Nugent. “He really helped me find something I enjoyed while studying environmental science and taught me a lot that prepared me for my career.” 

Now, Nugent is developing his career in the water quality field. He continues to learn on the job, expanding his skills in working with water treatment technology. 

He shared his advice for others who want to find meaningful jobs in their field of interest. 

“You can definitely learn what you want to do in the future while going to Roger because you can take so many different classes where you get different experiences,” said Nugent. “Keep an open mind, and you can get to the career that you want.”