Discovering Voice in Writing

Headshot of Samantha Duncan

Samantha Duncan, RWU Class of 2013

Major:  English Literary Studies

Being a writer doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to only writing fiction or poems. Just ask Samantha Duncan ’13, a writing professional who's been flexing her writing skills at a number of companies.

In her most recent role as a copywriter at Vistaprint, Duncan strings together the right words for successful marketing campaigns. Before that, she worked as a marketing coordinator for a beverage company and wrote blog posts for a medical company. Each of her roles have differed from the other, but with the writing and research skills she learned at RWU she is able to adjust and find success with her writing, no matter what company she works for.

“My experience at RWU has given me the confidence to know that I can write in any brand voice, for any company or industry,” Duncan says.

Like many English majors, Duncan wasn’t sure what career could satisfy her passion for writing and reading. Quickly Duncan has found that the techniques she learned and practiced as an English major have given her a strong set of useable skills perfect for any job she finds herself in.

“I was amazed how many people in the job market thought an English degree meant I was capable of learning and adapting to any new job quickly,” Duncan says.

Her words have been seen all over the world through global marketing campaigns. Now it’s only a matter of time before Duncan – who hopes to one day work abroad – follows in their footsteps.